BMW Teases New Pure Electric Car


The company will offer a more concrete concept of the vehicle this year, CEO Harald Krueger said Thursday at the company's annual shareholder meeting. Last year BMW i released pics of its cabin and claimed that when it's launched, the pure-electric SUV will be the car-maker's most autonomous, connected and electrified BMW ever. That's right, BMW has announced that it will announce its next-generation full EV in 2018, as a "Vision" vehicle - that's BMWSpeak for "concept".

At BMW's annual shareholders' meeting in Germany on Thursday the company released a teaser image of its future iNext electric vehicle.

And it's now provided the first official glimpse - limited though it may be - at how it will shape up.

BMW is planning to combine all key technologies in this futuristic electric vehicle.

BMW originally announced in 2016 that it had joined the race to produce fully autonomous cars and has teamed up with tech firms Intel and Mobileye in a bid to offer its first fully self-driving auto in 2021.

BMW has teased a new picture of the iNEXT concept auto that it will reveal later this year.

The iNext is created to be a technology showcase for BMW: electric propulsion, full self-driving, and advanced interfaces, said BMW CEO Harald Krueger. The iNEXT will benefit the entire company and all its brands.

The automaker has also confirmed the iNext will offer Level 3 self-driving capability in certain highway situations.

While us enthusiasts are frothing at the mouth over cars like the new BMW M5, upcoming BMW 8 Series and soon-to-be revealed BMW Z4, the Bavarians are looking even further into the future.

Through April, BMW's global brand sales grew 2.5 per cent, while Mercedes' registrations surged 13 per cent.