Severed rattlesnake head bites man


A Corpus Christi man is recovering after he was bitten by a rattlesnake, even after the snake had already been beheaded.

To prepare for the day's festivities, Jennifer told The Washington Post that she and her husband chose to tidy up the yard of their home near Lake Corpus Christi in southern Texas.

Perhaps the safest way to kill a snake is to sever the head-with an axe, a shovel, a garden hoe, or whatever else is sharp, long, and convenient. As he bent down to pick up the remains, he was bitten by the severed head.

Following the bite, the man started having seizures, lost his vision and suffered internal bleeding. According to reports, the man from Texas required 26 doses of anti-venom after the snakebite.

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"I heard him screaming that it had bit him", said Jennifer, who was in the house at the time. Instead, the Oklahoma State Department of Health recommends getting a description of the snake and its markings.

"They HALO-Flighted him into the hospital", Sutcliffe said, explaining she could not get to the emergency room quickly enough so met with an ambulance en-route.

Doctors initially told Sutcliffe that her husband may not make it despite the large amounts of anti-venom they were giving him.

Dying from a snake bite is rare, Michael Halpert, a trauma surgeon in Corpus Christi, told KIII.

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While Jennifer said she was scared too, she tried to stay positive. She said people normally get four doses.

He is now in a stable condition.

A man was bitten by a dead snake on Memorial Day in Texas, US.

Halpert warned people not to suck the venom out themselves. "He got all of the snake's venom in the bite".

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