President Trump: ‘We’re The Piggy Bank That Everybody’s Robbing’


Friday morning he was spitting again: "Canada charges the US a 270% tariff on Dairy Products!"

Trump also threatened: "I have instructed our U.S. Reps not to endorse the Communique as we look at Tariffs on automobiles flooding the U.S. Market!"

"We're looking for peace in the world".

"We are focused on everything we accomplished here at the #G7 summit", said a statement from the Canadian premier's office released on Twitter.

But it's nonetheless one that critics have taken issue with, making it relevant here.

"They do so much more business with us than we do with them that we can't lose ..."

"Day two of the G7 summit in Canada: spontaneous meeting between two working sessions".

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, a Republican who has been critical of the president, said if Trump "is actually serious about leading the expansion of a G-7 no-tariff, free-trade agreement, that's tremendous, tremendous news".

First lady Melania Trump attends on-camera briefing after "rough patch"
Instead, the Lynx will spend Wednesday giving away new sneakers to more than 300 needy kids in Washington . There was, however, another question about having the invitation to visit the White House rescinded.

"I figured", he said dismissively, when the questioner identified himself as representing CNN.

The document showed the group of rich, developed nations remained divided in the crucial area of protecting the planet from climate change - and it gave a clear statement that the United States remained the outlier. "I think it would be good for all of the countries of the current G7".

But the summit host, Trudeau, whose nation was among those singled out by Trump, pushed back and said he would not hesitate to retaliate against his neighbor to the south.

Macron and president Donald Trump exchanged another awkward handshake Friday night at the G7 Summit in La Malbaie, Quebec.

On 1 June, the United States imposed a 25% tariff for steel and 10% for aluminium on imports from the EU, Canada, and Mexico.

"The president will continue to say what he says".

Trump's about-face sparked dismay and anger among Canadian and American free trade advocates alike. "We work closely with President Trump, and the UK has a very good relationship with the United States", she said, noting that the two-day summit was filled with "some hard discussions and strong debate".

Trump said Russian Federation should be readmitted, but even Moscow seemed to reject that suggestion.

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Trump joined the leaders of major industrialized nations in an idyllic Canadian resort town after days of escalating conflict over new US tariffs he slapped on imports of steel and aluminum.

"We want to continue a good trading relationship with the European Union, but we also want to take advantage once we are outside it of being able to negotiate our own agreements with other countries around the world because I think that is to the benefit of the people living in the United Kingdom" May said. Trump has been open on his desires for better relations with Moscow.

The president also offered reassurance that Canada and the USA have made progress in their trade dispute over his administration's punishing steel and aluminum tariffs on all the other G7 members.

The Canadian government official said there could be meaningful progress on less controversial issues at the summit such as economic growth, the environment and gender equality."We have no reason to believe there will be problems on those issues", the official said on condition of anonymity.

It said that the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Japan had agreed on the need for "free, fair, and mutually beneficial trade".

"We win that war a thousand times out of a thousand", he said.

That includes a $400-million investment from Canada as part of the overall three-year commitment, and also includes contributions from G7 partners and the World Bank.

"We condemn all financial support of terrorism including terrorist groups sponsored by Iran. We're not looking to play games", Trump added.

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Despite saying the two sides made "real progress", Pompeo also cautioned that there might be no quick solution. In the meeting, Lavrov invited Kim Jong Un to visit Russia and meet with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.