Woman Documents Moving Lump on Face with Selfies, Doctors Find Parasite


A weird lump that appeared on a woman's face was actually a parasitic worm crawling under her skin.

A 32-year-old woman in Russian Federation noticed a small lump beneath her left eye, and she took a selfie to document the mysterious bulge, according to the report on The New England Journal of Medicine.

10 days after that, it traveled to her upper lip.


The moving lump on her face turned out to be a worm under her skin, specifically the parasitic worm named Dirofilaria repens.

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According to reports, the particular patient travelled to a rural area outside of Moscow where and got bitten by mosquitoes several times.

Dirofilaria are usually found in dogs or other carnivores, according to the CDC, but have been known to infect humans, too, especially in Europe and with certain species - D. repens, D. tenuis and D. immitis (better known as heartworm in dogs). Kurtzhals was not involved in the care of this patient but has previously co-authored a case in which one of these worms was removed through eye surgery.

Fortunately, the worm is not found in the US however there are other creepy crawlies lurking about to be concerned about. The woman in the case in NEJM reportedly made a full recovery.

First, it appeared as a tiny blemish under the eye.

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There was also in incident when Canadian couple Katie Stephens and Eddie Zytner came home from their tropical vacation to the Dominican Republic with hookworms in their feet after walking barefoot on the beach. The doctors used local anaesthesia, gripped onto the bulge and pulled out the parasite using forceps.

Here's something uncomfortable to think about: A worm moving around under the skin on your face.

It gets transmitted via mosquitoes and that's how it gets into humans, but the consequences are far less dire than other parasite infections.

Once in their new host, he said, the larvae mature into adult worms. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dirofilaria repens is a type of long, thin parasitic roundworm that enters through mosquito bites.

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Medical experts agree this parasite is just another reason to do what you can to protect yourself from mosquito bites. The study called the number of human cases in Europe and Asia "a serious public health concern".