Kremlin hopes Helsinki summit may pave way for Trump Moscow visit


"The problem is there is so little confidence in what the president is going to do that any suggestion of a deal by him is automatically suspect", said Eugene Rumer, a former U.S. national intelligence officer for Russian Federation now at Washington's Carnegie Endowment for International Peace think tank. The 20 are four former Trump campaign and White House aides, three of whom have pleaded guilty to different crimes and agreed to cooperate, and 13 Russians accused of participating in a hidden but powerful social media campaign to sway US public opinion in the 2016 election.

The Helsinki Final Act - the formal name of the accords - was an agreement signed by 35 nations, including the nations of Europe, the Soviet Union, Canada and the United States.

Trump being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on January 20th, 2017.

In Putin's Revenge, FRONTLINE filmmaker Michael Kirk and his team investigated how the USA intelligence community came to believe Putin targeted the 2016 US election, and how the Russian leader rose from low-ranking KGB agent to long-serving president of a newly assertive Russia with the ability to wage cyber-war in the USA and across the globe.

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Trump's attack, including one where he called Germany a "captive to Russian Federation", apparently was a big show, that Trump wanted to do right away, when cameras were on. "At or around the same time, they also targeted 76 email addresses at the domain for the Clinton campaign". "So we haven't seen a huge shift yet in terms of our overall economic sanctions policy towards Russian Federation". You don't have to go far.

The president who prides himself on not saying he's sorry did his own version of backtracking at a news conference with May by finding a way to blame his favorite foil for any perceived friction with May, whom he lavished with praise on the heels of questioning her leadership.

Here's the video. Watch it.

"President Trump should absolutely cancel this meeting with Putin", Mr. Perez said.

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I'm curious to see if Putin tests that again by trying something this fall. I've never spoken to him. "I let them know that I was extremely unhappy with what was happening, and they have now substantially upped their commitment". He doesn't respect our President. "But I love getting along with Russian Federation and China and other countries". "That I can't tell you", the USA leader said.

"I think we'll get along well".

President Donald Trump said Thursday in an unscheduled news conference that all North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members have agreed to increase their defense spending after he told them he was "extremely unhappy". "You asked about the pipeline". Many have already settled their 2019 budgets and the sums involved are huge - even if they wanted to, many would struggle to make useful purchases.

It was "on or about" that same day, according to this indictment, that "the Conspirators attempted after hours to spearfish for the first time email accounts at a domain hosted by a third-party provider and used by Clinton's personal office". After all, Trump has been panting to become best friends with Putin for over a decade and apparently referred to his more cautious advisers as "stupid people" who are intent on sabotaging great relations between Moscow and Washington. He said the indictments are "further proof of what everyone but the president seems to understand: President Putin is an adversary who interfered in our elections to help President Trump win". It sure could be. The Russian agents supposedly started planning to release the stolen materials "in or around April 2016", and began "in or around June 2016", using "fictitious online personas, including "DCLeaks" and "Guccifer 2.0'".

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