Cops Suspended for Using Coin Flip App to Determine Speeder's Fate


Two Georgia police officers have been stripped of their guns and placed on administrative leave following body camera footage that showed them arresting a woman based on the flip of a coin.

Brown steps out of the vehicle and tells Webb she is being arrested.

Roswell Police Officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson were involved in a traffic stop April 7 after Brown pulled over Sarah Webb, who was on her way to work. The heads or tails decision went against Webb who was arrested on the more serious charge of reckless conduct and speeding.

Back in the patrol vehicle, officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson faced a decision. Though the coin reportedly landed on tails, the officers chose to arrest Webb anyway.

PHOTO: Police officers in Georgia were caught on body-camera flipping a coin to decide if they would arrest a driver.

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The sound of the app's coin flip is heard, and then one officer says, "This says tails, right?"

Webb told officers when she was first pulled over that she was speeding because she was late for work.

Former Los Angeles Police Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey told IE she thinks this isn't the cops' first time doing this "because they did it easily".

"Yeah, so release?" Brown replies.

"This is tails, right?"

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"23", she says, an apparent reference to what the Atlanta Police Department described as a code for an arrest or citation.

"I think they should be fired I don't think at all that they should be getting a paid vacation", said Webb. The case against her has now been dismissed.

Roswell police have launched its own internal investigation.

But in a statement, Grant said an internal investigation was immediately opened after he became aware of the incident. "This behavior is not indicative of the hard working officers of the Roswell Police Department, I have much higher expectations of our police officers and I am appalled that any law enforcement officer would trivialize the decision making process of something as important as the arrest of a person".

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