Thousands take to London's streets to protest at Trump visit


In an interview to The Sun tabloid published late on Thursday, the US President said May's plan would "probably kill the deal" as it would mean the US "would be dealing with the EU" instead of with the UK. On Friday, people took to the streets outside of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament as a part of a "Stop Trump" demonstration, which included a giant balloon created to impersonate the president.

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump met The Queen in the gardens of her Berkshire home on Friday, a monumental visit and the first time the three have met together.

In the incendiary interview, with the Sun newspaper, the U.S. leader criticised Mrs May's handling of Brexit negotiations, hailed Boris Johnson - who quit the cabinet earlier this week - as a future and "great Prime Minister" and said there was too much immigration in Europe.

Johnson, who led the main Brexit campaign in the 2016 referendum, resigned as foreign minister on Monday over May's strategy which he said was killing the "Brexit dream" with self-doubt.

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Protesters took the streets in London to demonstrate against the president's visit - and in Parliament Square, a Trump baby blimp was raised up in the air.

"No one really wants him to be in power ... he's not welcome in the United Kingdom", said Holly, a protester from London, who didn't give her last name.

He then urged reporters to listen to a full recording of the interview, which he said would give the full picture.

A spokeswoman for the Institute of Directors said: "The prospect of a trade deal with the United States is attractive to business, so the President's more optimistic comments are welcome. But when they make you feel unwelcome, why would I stay there?" He said: "The people voted to break it up, so I imagine that's what they'll do".

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The US president apologised to Mrs May on Friday over an incendiary interview criticising her premiership, and hailed UK-US relations as the "highest level of special". "That's why we flew over him with a message branding him well below par".

The Labour leader also criticised the Prime Minister for failing to clarify her approach to Brexit, before adding that he would vote against any deal that damages living standards, industry, trade or jobs.

"It's not that we think that's a likely scenario. but we think it's prudent that every member state should plan for the worst", he told local media RTE while attending a meeting on rural development issues in the country's western county of Mayo.

The President said he used to "love London as a city", but feels "unwelcome" by the protests marking his visit.

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"She is not making it very clear what she actually wants at all and the White Paper, I suspect, will unravel as quickly as the Chequers cabinet agreement did".