Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018 - Thursday Highlights


It follows last year's appearance where Robocar appeared in the Festival of Speed's Future Lab, which the organisers say makes it "the natural challenger to try and become the first autonomous racing auto to complete the iconic run".

Drifting phenom, energy drink enthusiast and well-documented nice guy Vaughn Gittin Jr. teamed up with the Goodwood Festival of Speed to build and auction off a special 700-horsepower Ford Mustang for charity.

The auto will take part in the competition to lift the hill. I shouldn't say that, because Siemens actually did end up pointing their self-driving Mustang up the hill.

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To best avoid a collision with the hay bales, highly advanced scanning tools have been used to create an accurate 3D image of the route, allowing the autonomous 'Stang to navigate the 1.16-miles of tarmac successfully. The two use 15 ultrasonic sensors, six cameras, five LIDAR and two radar systems to determine the car's position and decide on the course to follow, whether to overtake and so on.

Unlike using a newer auto, the team that built this autonomous Mustang posed more of a challenge.

Dr James Brighton, Senior Lecturer at Cranfield, said: "Goodwood offers us a chance to reflect on why we have an emotional connection with cars and acts as a reminder that humans like to be engaged and part of the action". But this is not the same as a road auto that steers autonomously based on detecting road markings and other vehicles. "Robocar is an ambassador for the future technologies we will see on our roads and we hope that inspirational stunts like this will change public perceptions of autonomous vehicles". Stay tuned for more from the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018! The Mustang has been dressed up in a unique silver wrap to mark the silver jubilee of the festival of speed.

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But he added rescuers may need more than 20 hours, to replan and replenish oxygen supplies, to be ready to mount the next mission. Musk posted videos on Twitter of the aluminum sub being tested at a swimming pool Sunday midafternoon California time.

Roborace events will take place prior to regular Formula E races, and will use the same circuits.

The Mustang was basically chosen as Lee is a big fan of the Mustang, "I just love the way the '65 coupe looks, and the way the V8 roars".

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