North Korea dismantling key missile-testing site, images show


Work by North Korea to dismantle a key testing facility for its missile engines and rocket launches could pave the way toward more intensive talks on a peace regime between Pyongyang and Washington, experts said after a new analysis of satellite imagery showed disassembly was underway.

US President Donald Trump welcomed Tuesday reports that North Korea has started dismantling facilities at its main satellite launch station, which is seen as a testing ground for intercontinental ballistic missiles.

A US-based monitoring group says North Korea appears to have begun dismantling part of a key rocket launch site. This building is where space launch vehicles are assembled before they are moved to the launch pad, according to 38 North analyst Joseph Bermudez Jnr.

South Korea's official stance has been to support sanctions on the North until the country gives up its nuclear weapons, but from time to time officials have expressed a hope to seek exemptions, especially to work out the cross-border projects that South Korean President Moon Jae-in agreed to with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during their first summit on April 27.

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Kim in late 2017 declared his nuclear weapons and missile program was complete, following a torrent of nuclear and missile tests that include the detonation of a purported thermonuclear warhead and flight tests of three developmental ICBMs potentially capable of reaching the USA mainland.

Trump pushed back against that suggestion Monday, tweeting that he is "very happy" with the progress with North Korea, noting a lack of rocket launches and nuclear tests in recent months.

But the deal was criticised for a lack of details on when or how Pyongyang would renounce its nuclear weapons.

Joel Wit, founder of 38 North and former State Department official, said numerous facilities that are being razed are relatively new and have only been in place within the last two years.

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The diplomatic offensive has tamped down tensions after fears of nuclear war rose past year as the communist state demonstrated strong advances with a series of missile launches and its sixth and most powerful nuclear test. "Japan is happy, all of Asia is happy", Trump wrote earlier Monday. But the Fake News is saying, without ever asking me (always anonymous sources), that I am angry because it is not going fast enough.

38 North's Town said movement toward a peace regime, including an announcement declaring an end to the Korean War, remained high on the North's agenda for its talks with the U.S. "I think in the end the North Koreans will turn over the majority of the remains that they have - but it will have a price".

Pyongyang has always maintained Sohae was a satellite launch site but United States officials have long suspected it was used to test ballistic missiles.

"They've removed the super-structure on the static engine test site, but they've kept the concrete, as far as we know", he said. USA intelligence officials said last month that Pyongyang was working to hide key aspects of its nuclear programme.

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Trump said last week that USA relations with North Korea "are very good and the process is moving along".