How to see this weekend’s blood moon lunar eclipse


The rare event occurs when the Earth appears in a straight line between the Moon and the Sun.

However, he said it was still worth seeing as the next blood moon would not be visible in New Zealand until May 2021.

The eclipse will be visible in its entirety from the Indian Ocean and surrounding countries, from India to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It will also be seen perfectly in Africa and in Asia, and partly in Australia and in South America.

On Friday evening, July 27, Qatar and most part of the world will be seeing the last lunar eclipse during this year.

St Helens Star
Don't miss tomorrow's Blood Moon — the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century

Although it won't look almost as large as the blood moon, Mars will be its largest in size if you're looking through a telescope and close to its maximum brightness in our sky. In Invercargill there is five minutes between sunrise at 8:12 and moonset shortly thereafter, with the Moon entirely within Earth's shadow.

Those in the north-east will have the best view of the event - however cloud cover could spoil the view for some.

How should I watch Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse?

Thank you for your feedback. There isn't anything particularly scientific about it, but it makes for wonderful viewing and photographs. The next total lunar eclipse will happen on January 21, 2019, and it will last for one hour and two minutes, as per NASA's data.

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The Virtual Telescope Project will share a live stream of the lunar eclipse and Mars at its brightest just a few degrees apart above the skyline of Rome.

Before and after this total eclipse phase, the Moon passes into a transitional phase called penumbra: the total duration of these three phases (penumbra, total, penumbra) varies from place to place.

Why is it called Blood Moon?

East coast viewers will see the blood moon at its fullest at about 5.30am, with the Earth, moon and sun in ideal alignment. This light appears reddish.

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Some are unimpressed by the biblical moniker for this evening's event.

Earth's permanent natural satellite - the Moon during a Lunar eclipse - umbra.

Astronomers' telescopes aimed at the blood moon have seen this happening, as well as another mysterious phenomenon - seemingly random spots of heat, often concentrated around craters. "It's something that people have heard of before", she said.

Sky-watchers will also be able to see Mars burning brightly in the sky, looking like an orange-red star. And you can enjoy the pairing here in our night sky. Patient spectators may also catch a glimpse of the Blood Moon, caused by the little moonlight that gets refracted due to earth's atmosphere. We will be able to see the moon as it is going to gradually fade out from one end to the other end throughout the span of more than 1 hour 30 minutes. The next time that record will be broken is in 2287.

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It will appear unusually large and bright, a mere 35.9 million miles from Earth on its elliptical orbit around the sun.