Trump says willing to meet with Iran leaders 'any time'


"Iran's foreign ministry has said over the last 24 hours that they don't want talks with the U.S., saying the USA was unreliable so engagement and dialogue with the current government is impossible". 'Good for the country, good for them, good for us and good for the world.

During a joint news conference at the White House alongside Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Trump said that he would meet with Iranian leaders "whenever they want to" with "no preconditions". Trump said Brunson "is suffering greatly. They are having a hard time right now".

But if Trump were to pursue diplomacy with Iran's leadership, he would have to overcome deep-seated concerns among Washington's closest regional allies, such as Saudi Arabia and Israel, who are deeply skeptical about negotiating with Rouhani's government.

Qasemi criticised the United States withdrawal from the nuclear deal and economic sanctions that follow, noting "there are no conditions for such a discussion at all". But it is precisely for that main reason that Trump shouldn't meet with the mullahs.

Iran's foreign ministry spokesman said Trump's offer to negotiate with Tehran contradicted his actions as Washington has imposed sanctions on Iran and put pressure on other countries to avoid business with the Islamic Republic.

But Trump's remarks did represent a marked softening of tone from when he lashed out at Rouhani in a tweet a week ago.

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It read: "To Iranian President Rouhani: Never, ever threaten the United States again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history has suffered before". These conditions included putting a complete stop to Iran's nuclear weapons programs, a complete withdrawal of its forces from Syria, and an end to its support of foreign terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. It is getting ever clearer that these U.S. measures are no longer merely aimed at changing Iran's behavior but instead at regime change.

Mr. Falahatpisheh said it was productive to have a back-channel of communication with the USA, but noted that the Trump administration's threats didn't make such diplomacy practical for now.

"All of us believe that Trump is the enemy of Iran and Iranian people". The strait is a choke point between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman through which about a fifth of the world's oil shipments pass.

Kenyon reports that Rouhani himself - who has not publicly responded to the invitation - told parliament that the USA has proven it doesn't keep its promises and that Iran will protect its right to export oil, which is the target of US sanctions. "The level of corruption and wealth among regime leaders shows that Iran is run by something that resembles the Mafia more than a government", Pompeo said, ridiculing the country's President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as "merely polished frontmen for the ayatollah's global con artistry". The company stated it has temporarily halted all oil shipments through the Red Sea's Bab El-Mandeb strait.

Falahatpisheh told the Iranian Students' New Agency, "Trump knows well that America has no power to fight with Iran, while he has no idea of Iran's economic potential".

"I'd meet with anybody". And I'm ready to meet any time they want to.

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"I don't do that from strength or from weakness".

I don't think so.

"If we could work something out that's meaningful, not that waste of paper the other deal was..."

Others in Iran were more receptive.

"Related issues, of course - terrorism and proliferation, will be discussed at several of these meetings", the official added, referring to US charges that Tehran supports extremist groups in the Middle East.

One possible opportunity for the two leaders to meet would be during the United Nations General Assembly in late September.

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But he did not rule out peace between the two countries.