Gmail Brings Confidential Emails to Mobile


In Gmail Android and iOS applications, it works in the comparative way.

Google earlier this year updated its Gmail with a fresh design and number of new features. The "Confidential Mode" also enables a user to set an expiration date and 2FA passcode for the emails.

On Thursday Google announced in a post on Twitter that Gmail's confidential mode has been rolled out to mobile devices. One new feature just went live as Google has turned on their confidential mode for Gmail.

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The feature allows you to specify an expiration date or manually revoke access to a message. The sender is always in charge of how long the recipient gets to access the message-it's all about putting a time-limit on the access granted to the other party. Now when you send the mail to a particular recipient, they will have a specific time limit to check the mail after which it will be expired.

Up until now, the feature was only available on the computer but now Google have brought it to Android and iOS devices. If the recipient is a non-gmail user, then they will get a passcode to their email for authentication. You can also choose SMS passcode to make it compulsory for recipients to receive the passcode through text message.

You can use the feature to the fullest through email threads. After that, tap on the three dot menu on the top-right of the screen, which will then show a "confidential mode" option. As of version 8.7 and forward, Gmail for Android can now undo sent emails.

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The second option involves sending a passcode to the recipients linked mobile number.

Confidential mode could help prevent information leaks, but Google has a few caveats. For Gmail-to-Gmail emails, Google can pull them back.

Once this is highlighted users should press the confidential mode button. With apps like BHIM, when you enter the payments mode and take a screenshot, it either gives an error that you can't take screenshots, or on some phones it captures complete black photos.

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