Melania Trump laments cyber bullying


First lady Melania Trump attends a dinner with the president and business leaders in Bedminster, New Jersey, on August 7, 2018.

As her husband lashed out at his political opponents online, calling them names like "thug" and "hack", Melania Trump was calling for more civility and kindness online Monday morning. Add Melania Trump as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Melania Trump news, video, and analysis from ABC News.

First lady Melania Trump on Monday delivered a new speech to discuss her "Be Best" campaign to stop children from being cyberbullied - and she may have used the speech to take a veiled shot at President Donald Trump.

Grisham also tweeted, "Rather than dissecting her remarks, let's focus on the countless children who struggle w bullying & online safety each day".

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"[Social media] can be used in many positive ways, but can also be destructive and harmful when used incorrectly", Trump said.

He had spent part of his morning launching a fresh round of insults on Twitter, calling special counsel Robert Mueller "disgraced and discredited" and labelling former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan a "hack" and the "worst Central Intelligence Agency director in our country's history".

Social media is one of the issues the first lady is highlighting as part of her "Be Best" campaign focused on the well-being of children.

She said the first lady's call to prevent bullying of children on social media "elevates an issue that is important to children and families across this country". She said she was also "inspired by their honest commitment to reducing peer-to-peer bullying through kindness and open communication".

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Asked whether she spoke up if she felt he crossed a line, the first lady said, "Yes, I tell him all the time".

More recently, Trump's policy director, Reagan Hedlund, a former Hill staffer and National Security Council executive assistant tasked with leading the first lady's initiatives, left her job on what was already a small staff.

In a White House with a President who makes his own rules - especially on social media - his wife has faced criticism for being unable to curb her own husband's behavior. "She is well aware of the criticism, but that will not deter her from doing what she feels is right", Grisham said.

"By listening to children's ideas and concerns, I believe adults will be better able to help them navigate this often-difficult topic", said Mrs. Trump.

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"She's addressed this before".