Madonna's Aretha Franklin Tribute at VMAs - Response to Controversy


Similar to the Prince tribute, Madonna's tribute to Franklin did not resonate with most viewers and was possibly met with even more criticism.

The finances of an intensely private Aretha Franklin soon will become very public in a MI court because she left no will or trust.

The world was left in in mourning last week following news that the 76-year-old "Queen of Soul" died of pancreatic cancer but as the initial shock settles, attentions now turn to her wealth.

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"I shared a part of my journey and thanked Aretha for inspiring me along the way", read Madonna's Instagram caption, in part.

Franklin's lawyer has represented her in entertainment matters for almost three decades, and told the paper that he constantly asked her to do a trust, but she never got around to it. Another wrote, "Madonna's apparent effort to memorialize Aretha Franklin: "But enough about me, let's talk". I love-L O V E! and there is nothing anyone can say or do that will change that".

But fans have complained the speech was more about herself, rather than Franklin. Once she was invited to Paris to audition as a backup singer and dancer for a "French disco sensation". "I had to think fast, my next meal was on the line".

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The music industry lost one of its very brightest stars last week with the death of the unrivaled Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. Two large French record producers sat in the empty theater, daring me to be wonderful.

"So you're probably all wondering why I'm telling you this story", Madonna continued towards the end of her five-minute speech. I could see they didn't take me seriously. "Odd thing to do, but since you were intending to update the kitchen next year it doesn't make any difference, does it?" I wasn't "Madonna" yet. While Wilson said it's impossible to place a value on her catalog, those songs and others were hits at the time of their release and will generate significant income in the months after her death.

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