Pirated streams overshadowed YouTube in Logan Paul vs. KSI fight


A reported million or so extra people streamed the fight without paying, mostly on Twitch.

Briton KSI, who boasts 19.4 million subscribers, took on United States star Paul, who has 18.2 million, in the tightly-contested bout at Manchester Arena.

Those eager to watch the YouTube stars throw punches can either dole out $10 in the US or £7.50 in the U.K.to watch the event. The majority of the judges voted for a draw, than categorically disagreed KSI who is sure of his victory. Later on Jake decided he would fight and instead agreed to fight KSI's brother Deji as the co-main event.

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Paul referenced the controversy over his video after the boxing result was declared. Nonetheless, the two stars from YouTube will gear up for another fight almost six months from now.

KSI and Paul are set to head Stateside next year for a rematch, with February an expected date.

And The Sportsman managed to catch up with the father of American Logan Paul, Greg, who exclusively shared his thoughts on the upcoming fight between the social media sensation, before giving us his unsurprisingly biased prediction.

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"Obviously, your man's got this belt right now and if any YouTuber wants it, you can come get it", KSI said following the fight and receiving a championship belt made for the fight. The fight got even more heated after the second round when KSI intentionally threw a jab at Paul which nearly incited a brawl.

The quality of their musical content aside, the event has been produced with the same amount of hype and promotion that any major United Kingdom fight has had, including Anthony Joshua fights, where both men sat down with The Gloves Are Off host Johnny Nelson for a version of the program. And with the rematch on the works, is it possible that their next fight would finally be taken seriously by the people?

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