Some steadfast residents to stay put as Hurricane Florence approaches


Florence's nighttime winds were down to 115 miles per hour (185 kph) from a high of 140 miles per hour (225 kph), and the Category 4 storm fell to a Category 3, with a further slow weakening expected as the storm nears the coast. For public safety, our live streams will be available to all residents of North Carolina.

Tropical Storm "Isaac" was spotted east of the Lesser Antilles and expected to pass south of Puerto Rico, Hispaniola and Cuba, while Hurricane "Helene" was moving northward away from land.

As the storm gets closer to the center of the state, it should weaken to Category 1, but the effects could still be devastating for the Triangle.

Florence, now a Category 2 hurricane, is forecast to unleash extreme storm surge, possibly historic flooding rains, and damaging winds in the Carolinas beginning Thursday.

"I can't emphasize enough the potential for unbelievable damage from wind, storm surge, and inland flooding with this storm". On Tuesday, William "Brock" Long, head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said Florence "could be the most risky storm in the history of the Carolinas".

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Flaherty said there is a small piece of good news, in that the "flow" in the southeastern quadrant of the storm has been reduced slightly.

The hurricane is expected to weaken into a tropical depression as it continues westward into SC and Georgia.

The footage was captured on Monday, September 10, as the storm bears down on mainland U.S., first heading towards North Carolina but now possibly veering slightly more towards SC.

States of emergency have been declared in North and SC as well as Virginia as the hurricane approaches. Strong winds could also spread inland into portions of the Carolinas. The hurricane was moving northwest in the Atlantic at 15 miles per hour and was packing sustained winds of 110 miles per hour. In 1999, Hurricane Floyd left hundreds of thousands of dead hogs and chickens floating in floodwaters in the state. Officials are urging others in its path to follow suit, or prepare for the worst.

Deal's declaration Wednesday covers comes as the National Weather Service's storm forecast shows a chance that Florence's track might turn toward the southwest as it approaches the Carolinas later this week.

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Florence will be, in all likelihood, the most intense storm to strike the region in at least 25 years, since Hugo. The storm's 12-mph speed Thursday morning was a marked drop from Wednesday's 17-mph speeds.

A prolonged period of hurricane force blowing water from the Atlantic toward shore will create a life-threatening storm surge for much of the North Carolina coast that could last through several tide cycles.

But the NHC warned that Florence still poses a deadly threat to a wide stretch of the US Eastern Seaboard, from southern Georgia into southern Virginia, and remained capable of unleashing rain-fueled catastrophic flooding of rivers and low-lying areas.

While many coastal residents heeded mandatory evacuation orders, others boarded up homes and businesses and chose to courageous the storm, which is forecast to trigger severe flash flooding as it dumps as many as three feet (almost a meter) of rain in some areas. Most of the rain for the western half of the state will come from Sunday through the first half of next week.

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