Lindsay Lohan Punched by Mother After Trying to Take Her Son


Lindsay Lohan says she attempted to rescue children from what she assumed was human trafficking - and posted the freaky encounter on Instagram Live.

Eventually, the family tries to leave and Lohan follows them, only stoping when the mother pushes her down.

Lohan opens the video by saying "Hey everyone, I just want to show you a family that I met. They really need help". Lohan proceeds to tell the woman that she is "ruining" Arab culture and says several different nonsensical words before continuing her accusations. "I'll stay with you [the boys] don't worry." . Do you wanna watch movies? "It would be so cool to watch a movie on a TV or a computer", she then said to a child.

"Look what's happening, they're trafficking children ..."

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Everybody used to love Lindsay Lohan - back in the days when she was starring in Parent Trap and even Mean Girls.

Lohan's weird encounter took place on Friday night on Instagram Live. Regardless of her good intentions, she approached this family to use them to gain points on social media and when they didn't immediately fall for her act, she became aggressive and harassed them. If you have yet to see the wild video, allow me to summarize.

The family leaves and we're left with footage of Lohan crying into her camera talking about how "scared" she is.

As the family walks off, Lohan begins accusing the two adults of trafficking and smuggling children, refusing to leave until she takes their children. Boys, don't worry. The whole world is seeing this right now. You're taking these children, they want to go. She then told the two kids, "I'm with you". I will buy you a hotel room, I'll give you cash for a hotel.

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At one point, the parents become exhausted of Lohan's apparent harassment and they get up to walk away.

When Lohan grabs one of the boys the mother appears to hit Lohan. The woman and kids don't budge, prompting the actress to plead for six minutes that they let her buy them a hotel room.

Twitter wasn't entirely sure what to make of these insane events that transpired on Lohan's Instagram Live video.

Lindsay's outing came as she continues her recent career comeback with work on her Lohan Beach House resort. She said at the time, "I was going out too much, and I knew that, and I have more to live for than that".

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