Fortnite Shadow Stones Locations Season 6 Map Guide


Initially removing "elements" of its animation system as a temporary solution to the "embarrassing, unintentional" breast physics, it seems as though Fortnite: Battle Royale is back to normal thanks to a brand new fix.

The cube has made the lake erupt and it turned the center area into a floating island.

Fortnite Week 1 Season 6 Battle Star
Fortnite Season 6: Darkness Rises is here!

This castle can be found above Haunted Hills area.

Fortnite's Halloween-themed update introduces a new item called Shadow Stones. Using the Shadow Stone applies "Shadow Form" which gives you various gameplay benefits such as being invisible, granting movement speed, jump height, and a new primary fire ability to name a few. There are now a total of three pets available as part of the season six battle pass. Players can also unlock varied appearances of the pets at higher tiers of the battle pass.

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These are new areas are very similar to the layout of Fatal Fields and will be a good spot to find some chests hidden away as well as get a good amount of resources.

Doing so will unlock the Secret Battle Star and allow you to see it when you get to its location. Remote explosives, the LMG, Impulse Grenades and Bounce Pads have also been removed from the game. These skins drop at the first tier of the paid battle pass. Season six brings pets that you can carry on your back, including dogs, dragons, and chameleons.

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You can buy a Season 6 Battle Pass from within the game and start exploring.

Players who purchase a Battle Pass can complete challenges and earn XP in order to unlock new items. Thankfully, it's not too out of the way so you won't waste a lot of time obtaining it.

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Fortnite Season 6 has also had a plethora of leaks for skins, emotes, pets and more.