Melania Trump Wears $600 Army Green Jacket in Ghana


Mrs Trump was snapped looking contented during a trip to Cape Coast Castle, a former slave trading fort in Ghana Wednesday.

On the wall near the dungeon entrance was a marble plaque that Trump stopped to read: "This plaque was unveiled by President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama of the United States of America on the occasion of their visit to the Cape Coast Castle on the 11th day of July 2009".

Kenya Wildlife Service headquarters are also anticipating a visit by the US First Lady as she takes a tour of four African countries.

She described her visit to the Cape Coast Castle as "very emotional" and says the Castle is a place people should see and experience. S President, Barack Obama and his wife and children also visited the Cape Coast Castle during a visit to the country.

Obama -whose photo now adorns the wall of a hall renamed in his honor - said at the time that the cells were a reminder that "sometimes we can tolerate and stand by great evil even as we think that we are doing good".

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A plaque at the Ghana fortress commemorates Obama's visit.

In Africa, interest in Melania Trump's visit is being watched to see if she can mend fences after her husband's reported comment that the continent contained "shithole" countries.

"It's really, really touching", she said.

Trump also walked through the fabled "Door of No Return", an archway over a small tunnel that led from the main square of the interior castle down to the beach, where large waves crashed upon the shore.

The first lady is visiting Africa on her first big solo worldwide trip, aiming to make child well-being the focus of a five-day, four-country tour.

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The first lady spent a few minutes meeting privately with her guide, Kwesi Essel-Blankson, and getting an introductory history of the castle before they emerged into an open area in 80-degree heat and humidity. "With love, Melania Trump".

Though she arrived clad in her signature stilettos for the event, she later swapped her shoes for more practical flats as she toured the castle; she pulled the same stiletto-swap yesterday while visiting the maternity ward of a hospital.

"Until Melania's visit, it was a taboo to allow a disabled person inside Emintsimadze Palace, or close to royalty, diplomatic aides told us", she writes.

Mrs. Trump told reporters on the trip "this is a very special place". A USA official said the chief had invited two disabled children from a nearby school to the ceremony with the first lady, a break from local tradition in which it had previously been considered taboo to have anyone with handicaps in the palace.

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