What Tom Hardy's Son Really Thinks About His Venom Role


His "perfect" life is accompanied by a loving, blonde and successful fiancé, Anne Weying, played by Michelle Williams. And Eddie Brock has to handle that living inside him.

Meanwhile, Drake continues to dabble in questionable science. He's engaged in a diabolical experiment to bond human DNA with the oozing alien "symbiotes" he brought back to Earth from a distant planet, because he's fed up with his fellow Earthlings, or something like that. The two of them have a union in one. The first 20 minutes of Venom goes to great, seemingly earnest pains to make it clear Eddie Brock is a helluva nice guy. Those who like Venom the movie will "get" Hardy's Jekyll-and-Hyde performance.

Venom may not have any mention of Spider-Man in it, which I do have a little bit of a problem with, but if he is very comic accurate, I feel like I will enjoy the movie regardless of what the critics said.

At least his newest, "Venom", shows us more of the actual Hardy than the Marvel monster he eventually becomes.

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Venom is an alien who co-habits the body of a human played by Tom Hardy. Like his hand-drawn counterpart, Venom is a hulking beast with a humorous outlook on our world. To be honest, Venom's nearly worth watching for Hardy's freakish accent and whirling-dervish mania alone, but it's a shame he's not surrounded by a better, more exciting film.

As envisioned by Director Ruben Fleischer, the movie was inspired by the comic book quote: "You're Eddie Brock".

"Venom isn't quite bad, but it's not exactly good either".

While in Venom Beast Mode, Hardy as Brock acts as the symbiote's conscience, telling the alien not to eat cops, though he doesn't object to Venom tossing them around like rag dolls. The arcs and motivations of the characters-protagonist to antagonist and everyone in between-are muddled at best. That it stars Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, two of the most gifted and consistently interesting actors in Hollywood, makes it an additional curio, but one assumes that the second or third homes they purchased with their paychecks was worth the experience of making this misguided, gobsmacking mess.

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As you'd expect from a Marvel Universe origins story, "Venom" leaves the door wide open for a sequel.

"Venom", the movie, is a reptilian Marvel mishmash whose touch saps the life force of nearly everyone in it. She's underused, as are Slate and even Ahmed, who has to stand in as the actual villain of the piece. Plenty of violence is implied, and Venom and Riot certainly create plenty of collateral damage in their sequences, but with a character like Venom, whose trademark is ultra violence and savagery, the film is terminally neutered. What's further puzzling is that Venom is looking to set up a larger universe with the tease of the next villain who could best be described as..."another more-evil Venom".

The character played by Harrelson appears to reference the Marvel character Cletus Kasady, also known as the supervillain and Spider-Man nemesis Carnage. Hardy shoulders as much as he can to keep the film engaging, but ultimately Venom fails to be memorable due to formulaic trappings.

"Carlton Drake in the comic books was someone who was around during the Cold War and he thought once nuclear war happens only the rich people are going to be able to survive", he explains.

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