North Korea wants Pope Francis to visit, South to tell Vatican


While in Seoul, Pompeo said North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had agreed to allow inspectors into the country's Punggye-ri nuclear test site, one of the main sticking points over Pyongyang's denuclearisation pledge.

Pompeo had said the goal of his meeting with North Korea was "to make sure we understand what each side is truly trying to achieve. and how we can deliver against the commitments that were made" in Singapore where Kim and Trump held their historic summit earlier this year.

Pope Francis is already set to meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in October 18 for an audience at the Vatican Apostolic Palace, where Moon will personally deliver the invitation from Kim Jong Un. "After having a nice meeting we can enjoy a meal together", Kim told Pompeo as they walked down a hallway toward a guesthouse dining room.

'Now, we haven't removed sanctions, as you know.

"Separately from the second U.S".

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Mr Pompeo said he wanted "a fully coordinated, unified view of how to proceed, which will be what is needed if we are going to be successful in denuclearising North Korea". Catholic priests are prohibited in North Korea.

While the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs told a news conference that broader tensions would not undermine cooperation on North Korea, Wang told Pompeo that the issue illustrated the importance of maintaining a working relationship. And we have a very good relationship with Chairman Kim. North Korea has offered conditionally to close the site, but has not made a public comment on its inspection. "I thought we had a good, productive conversation, and as President Trump has said, there are many steps along the way, and we took one of them today, another step forward".

The North Korean leader has yet to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has previously invited Kim to Moscow.

The Vatican and North Korea have no formal diplomatic relations and no pope has ever visited North Korea.

That progress contradicts promises North Korea has made dating back at least to 1992, and in recent months, when Kim promised to honor all past agreements and work toward denuclearization.

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Things didn't go much better a day later in Beijing, where Pompeo had the bad fortune of being the first senior USA official to visit the country since a blistering speech on China last week from Pence.

The supposedly autonomous Chinese territory of Hong Kong last month declined a scheduled port visit by U.S. Navy ship, and a Chinese admiral canceled a planned visit to the U.S. Just last week, China pulled out of a planned top-level defense meeting.

Unlike when he last visited Beijing in June, Mr Pompeo did not meet Chinese President Xi Jinping. The Vatican insisted at the time that a papal visit would only be possible if Catholic priests were accepted in North Korea.

North Korea has shut it down in past negotiations - and then reopened it. US officials also made no reference to past statements about wrapping up denuclearization by 2021, a deadline that Trump and Pompeo have since backed away from.

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