Senate deal confirms 15 more Trump judges


"What I think this has done for us is provide the kind of adrenaline shot that we had not been able to figure out how to achieve in any other way".

I recognize there are women out there who feel Hillary got a raw deal and hold her in esteem because she was the first female presidential candidate and nearly won. After White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was "denied service" at a restaurant in Lexington, Va., (she was thrown out) and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson was harassed out of a restaurant in Washington, D.C., "Republicans cast Democrats as overreacting and unable to withhold their animus toward Trump". Meanwhile, her husband is a constant reminder that Democratic men are far from immune from #MeToo problems. "That's what this new Democratic Party is about". They were the first judicial confirmations since last weekend's vote on Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh. The whole situation was handled extremely poorly at the hands of the people whom we offer our most sacred trust and the reliance of our well-being. "I don't think you can make any deal with Mitch if he thinks he's going to get you".

There were few people that didn't sympathize with Christine Blasey Ford's testimony, which you can tell from Kavanaugh's low approval ratings.

Republicans sitting in upscale suburban districts - incumbents like Virginia's Barbara Comstock, California's Mimi Walters and Colorado's Mike Coffman - are counting down their final days in office, and "tribalism" is even endangering popular Republican incumbents in Democratic districts, like California's David Valadao.

North Korea wants Pope Francis to visit, South to tell Vatican
The Vatican insisted at the time that a papal visit would only be possible if Catholic priests were accepted in North Korea. The North Korean leader has yet to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has previously invited Kim to Moscow.

It's over. By all means remember.

"When you have the last presidential nominee for president saying incivility should continue until the Democrats win the House, for goodness sake, I think we know who the culprits are here when it comes to the quality of discourse in the country, and it's not coming from the Republican side of the aisle". I'm fine with that.

The Post says the "groundwork to cast Democrats as angry and out-of-control has been months in the making".

Congress is chaotic enough. The Republicans didn't like some of his rulings, so they were trying to kick him off the court - basically for political reasons. So numerous same people who haven't expressed an ounce of outrage over the prevailing rape culture are now piping up loudly to worry about accused men when they barely register on the scale of real victims in this sexual assault crisis.

Google exposed data for hundreds of thousands of users
This data is limited to static, optional Google + Profile fields including name, email address, occupation, gender and age. Saikali said it was possible that Google could face class action lawsuits over its decision not to disclose the breach.

Republican Rep. J.T. Wilcox, who has been involved in fundraising for Republicans running in the House where more than a dozen seats are in play, said there's no question that he's anxious because "the national wind is blowing in our face".

The resolution was aimed at rebuffing a Trump administration rule that allowed some plans not to require coverage of pre-existing conditions, the latest action from the minority party's push to focus on the issue of health care going into the midterms. Being louder than the other guy isn't the answer.

Trump said Thursday on Fox News Channel that such talk is "very unsafe", even though the president as a candidate advocated for security to throw out protesters at his rallies, including "on a stretcher". But for one subset of the public, things are different.

But is that really what anyone else should want to aspire to? On a recent swing through Texas, Trump Jr. made light of allegations that Kavanaugh, who told a Senate committee he liked beer, once was a heavy drinker. Replacing him with a Republican will not help the party's cause. As a result, and is customary for both major parties, decisions must be made in the remaining weeks of the campaign to reroute money away from failing bids and spend money in areas where vulnerable Republicans have a chance to hang on if they can get financial support. That's true for Democrats and Republicans, for men and women alike. Republicans are driven by "the lust for power".

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