Migrant caravan heading for USA turns around in Mexico


Thousands of migrants have arrived at the Mexico-Guatemala border, with some climbing over the fence separating the two countries.

Mexico's southern border is notoriously porous and it was unclear how numerous migrants would attempt to cross legally at the bridge.

And, much like Guatemala and Honduras, Mexico is itself a country of many migrants, raising the question of whether the political will exists for a confrontation. "Walk!" insisting that they prefer to continue on foot.

On Friday, Scalise, who survived a politically-motivated shooting in 2017, said "it's obvious" Trump was not "encouraging his supporters to engage in attacks" during his Thursday night rally. In April, several hundred made it to the USA border near San Diego, and a limited number were allowed to apply for asylum in the U.S.

Cristian, declined to give his last name because the gangsters had threatened him. That would be about one fifth of his income. He can't support his four daughters on the $450 that he makes each month.

"Just today, the Mexican government, and this is a very important step, requested the intervention of the United Nations, the Office of the High Commissioner on Refugees, to help Mexico review any asylum claims from the members of the caravan", he said. However, the US Congress has refused to fund it in full.

Manelich Castilla told Foro TV the migrants will enter in an orderly fashion.

"It will be under the conditions that have been said since the start", Castilla said.

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"(Criminals) have infrastructure that is built up already and are put into place inside the caravans", he said.

About 50 migrants managed to push their way through. About 50 managed to push their way through before officers unleashed pepper spray and the rest retreated.

From the south border with Guatemala to the north border with the United States, AFP met during 24 hours migrants in pursue of their "American dream" risking their lives though Mexican territory, who share their journey stories.

The gates were closed again, and police used a loudspeaker to address the masses, saying, "We need you to stop the aggression".

US President Donald Trump has threatened to close the US-Mexico border and call in the military.

After arriving at the tall, yellow metal fence Friday, some clambered atop it and on US -donated military jeeps.

While some troops are helping with surveillance, a lot of them are working to maintain Border Patrol vehicles or performing administrative tasks to free up Border Patrol agents to perform law enforcement work, a defense official said Thursday.

"We're going to wait for those still on their way but who are close by" before trying to cross, Mario Mejia, who seemed to be one of the migrants' leaders, told AFP.

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It's important to remember that for Mexico, migration isn't just about people coming into the country, Salazar says.

The remark came during Thursday's broadcast of The Five, where Kennedy, known primarily for her self-titled program on the network, sat as a panelist for a discussion on immigrants during which she argued the government hasn't implemented sufficient border control. Before dawn Friday, the migrants made a decision to wait a few more hours for stragglers to arrive before heading to the border crossing. Some of them talked among themselves.

"Beyond the National Guard soldiers now supporting the Department of Homeland Security on our southern border ... under the command and control of the respective state governors, the Department of Defense has not been tasked to provide additional support", said Army Lt. Col. Jamie Davis, a Pentagon spokesman. Late Thursday, some 300 Mexican federal police officers equipped with antiriot gear were deployed to the border crossing ahead of the caravan's expected arrival. In April, the president did deploy the National Guard to assist at the border, a move previously done by both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. Even if it's within his authority as president, he would nearly certainly face stiff resistance, obstruction, and nigh unending court battles over it - much the same response he might expect, say, for deploying the military to enforce a closed border.

Jose Porfirio Orellana is a 47-year-old acorn and bean farmer from Yoro province in Honduras.

"There is nothing there", Orellana said.

He said he had spoken with Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez about ensuring the migrants who want to return home can do so safely.

Migrants regularly float across the Suchiate river on rafts, then wind their way north through Mexico, sometimes choosing to travel in large groups for protection.

In the caravan, Central American migrants hiked from Honduras through muddy jungle and residential streets, some toting babies along with backpacks, Reuters images show.

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