Pentagon: 5000 Troops Will Be Deployed To U.S.-Mexico Border


Migrants arriving at the border will now see a sizable US military presence - more than double the 2,000 who are in Syria fighting the Islamic State group - even though their mission will be largely a support role.

Military police units are also being deployed. "We're going to put tents up all over the place. and they're going to wait". There are already 2,000 National Guardsmen are already stationed at the border.

The United States said on Monday it will send over 5,200 troops to help secure the border with Mexico, a far larger-than-expected deployment.

El Salvador's immigration agency, meanwhile, said a group of Salvadorans including several dozen children and adolescents - the third caravan - crossed legally into Guatemala on Sunday and numbered about 500.

While The New American reported last week that Mexican authorities were escorting the "carvan" through the country, they at least stopped them temporarily on Saturday.

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"Several people" received medical attention after being injured by "various objects and tear gas", the Guatemalan Red Cross said on Twitter on Sunday. A second group of about 3,000 migrants is at the border crossing between Guatemala and Mexico, he said.

The White House is also weighing additional border security measures, including blocking those traveling in the caravan from seeking legal asylum and keeping them from entering the U.S.

"We're already facing a border security and humanitarian crisis", he said, adding that an average of 1,900 people have been crossing the border without authorization each day in recent weeks.

Trump reiterated that he wanted to set up "tent cities" to hold people coming to the USA, including those seeking asylum.

The decision to send active duty forces this time gives the Pentagon the ability to more rapidly mobile greater capability than would be immediately available with the Guard, officials tell Reuters. In the Mexican border town of Ciudad Hidalgo, they said they hoped to continue onward early Tuesday morning.

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The Pentagon declined comment on potential troop numbers, saying planning was still underway for a mission that risks drawing the USA military into a politically charged operation just days ahead of November 6 mid-term congressional elections. But active duty troops are rarely deployed within the United States except for domestic emergencies like hurricanes or floods.

The troops will come from Army bases around the country, including Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort Riley in Kansas, Fort Campbell in Kentucky and Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington state. The troops will include military police, combat engineers and others helping on the border. The group made up largely of women and children who have said they seek refugee status remain some 1,000 miles from the USA border, according to The Associated Press. The additional troops will not go straight to the border, but will instead deploy to staging areas in Texas, Arizona and California, where they will be briefed and trained on their mission.

Last week, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis authorized the use of troops and other military resources at the U.S-Mexico border. US officials have told Reuters the support mission would be coordinated by the USA military's Northern Command.

He could not say when those forces would make their way to the border saying that would be done in coordination with CBP in the future.

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