Tired migrant caravan rests in south Mexico, asks for buses


The announcement almost triples the number of troops that Trump had said would be deployed to the border. He promised an executive order sometime next week that would ban migrants from claiming asylum if they cross the border illegally, and would set up vast tent cities that would hold anyone coming over the border.

Trump said he will sign a comprehensive executive order next week that will overhaul the asylum process, which will include holding asylum-seekers in facilities near the border until their cases are heard. "And these are very hard times, and this has been a very hard problem", Bennett said on "The Story" Thursday.

Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, migrants claiming asylum are allowed to do so at the border crossings, but also if they cross illegally.

At a campaign rally in Florida, the president doubled-down on his controversial idea to reform immigration: putting an end to the constitutional right to citizenship for babies born in the United States. "They have done everything perfectly, and they are going to come in".

He said this is an issue Congress has failed to resolve, and the president is "absolutely right" to address it. It's a large number of people that are tough.

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Watch more from "The Story" above. As a result, it's tricky to glean a completely accurate vision of USA troop deployments worldwide - which is fine, for obvious OPSEC reasons!

Mexican authorities haven't directly targeted the main caravan of about 4,000 migrants, and activists aiding that group said they were shifting their route toward the Gulf coast, a path closer to the Texas border.

The new policy will be announced next week, he said, adding that it is authorized by law. "But take a look at the violence that they've created down there, that level of, I mean these are not, these are not angels as you would say, these are not angels".

At first there was just one so-called "caravan" of people seeking to enter the US.

As of press time Trump's proposal received muted media coverage and was not referenced on the online front page of the New York Times.

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The Trump administration has been looking at ways to limit the number of asylum seekers. Trump seemed to shed a little bit more light on the leeway American soldiers will have against the caravans, which now comprise roughly 6,500 people, heading towards the US.

Still, sending this many troops to the border seems to compound a vision of this caravan as an "invading force" that requires a sizable border force to repel.

Republican lawmakers and other Trump supporters have applauded the military deployment.

THE FACTS: It's nowhere close to 25 million to 30 million, nor has the number increased much in recent years.

The migrants are moving slowly, mostly by foot, and are still hundreds of miles from the U.S. border.

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The citizenship proposal would inevitably spark a long-shot legal battle over whether the president can alter the long-accepted understanding that the 14th Amendment grants citizenship to any child born on USA soil, regardless of his parents' immigration status.