EU slams re-imposition of US sanctions on Iran


Washington will reapply far-reaching sanctions on Iran's petroleum and banking sectors starting on Monday.

The Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, has responded robustly.

Demonstrators in Tehran gathered on Sunday outside the former USA diplomatic mission, also known as the "Den of Espionage", chanting slogans against the United States. This was a major impediment for India as it is heavily dependent on Iranian oil.

"The Iranians have perfected their game working under sanctions".

United States oil futures climbed to a four-year high near US$77 a barrel last month on growing concerns there could be a shortage as sanctions bite deeper.

Why is America imposing sanctions?

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Trump was, of course, referring to reimposing sanctions against Iran that had been lifted as part of an Obama-era nuclear agreement. "We have advised SWIFT that it must disconnect any Iranian financial institutions that we designate as soon as technologically feasible to avoid sanctions exposure".

How will USA sanctions work?

"Iran is a much different country since I terminated that deal". The sanctions will come into effect on Monday. In August measures were imposed on a number of industries including trade in gold, precious metals and the automotive sector.

China and Turkey are two other countries which are expected to be on the list of the Iranian oil buyers. Companies like Total SA and Royal Dutch Shell Plc have halted purchases because the risk of being frozen out of the United States financial system is simply too great.

They are free to buy oil from Iran and free to have trade with Iran and what the United States is saying is that countries should violate that UN resolution of dealing with Iran or trading with Iran, and if they do follow the UN resolution what the USA is saying is that the U.S. government is going to sanction these companies that engage with Iran.

However, ordinary Iranians fear an even more painful squeeze on living costs, from businesses struggling to buy raw materials to the sick and elderly unable to afford life-saving medicines.

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US officials said Friday that Washington was adding 700 individuals and entities to its Iran blacklist and pressuring the global SWIFT banking network to cut off Tehran when expanded sanctions are put in place next week.

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On the other side of the coin, Seener said that the collapse of European Union real opposition to USA sanctions is closer to complete than it was months ago. "The transaction itself will be problematic". India kept importing oil from Iran knowing it well that it will be saved from sanctions on being strategic partner of the US.

The US wanted all countries to stop buying oil from Iran by November 4. Iran is the world's No. 3 oil exporter.

There's no doubt exports will be affected this time around too, but it's also clear that Iran and its remaining business partners will be working hard to maintain trading links. "But Iran is still going to be able to sell oil", especially to China, she said. But "Iran has weathered multiple rounds of sanctions before".

Oil prices which rebounded from under $30 a barrel in early 2016 to a four-year high of over $86 a barrel in early October have fallen to around $75 due to fears of weaker global demand.

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And to fill the gap left by lost European investment, Iran will be looking east to forge new links with Russian Federation and China.