Gubernatorial candidates campaign in final hours of race


Georgia Secretary of State and Republican candidate for governor Brian Kemp has asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to look into his office's claim that the state's Democratic party tried to hack the state's voter registration system, and the GBI is now going to move forward with a criminal investigation. Personal data was again exposed for Georgia voters - 6.7 million at the time - as were passwords used by county officials to access files. A saying made most popular by Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana, but it seemingly applies to politics in this midterm election season.

The president accused Abrams, a Yale law school graduate who spent six years as minority leader of the Georgia house, of being "not qualified" for the job.

The robocall went out to Georgia voters, but it is unclear how many received it.

"Jesus don't like ugly", she said of the robocall in an Instagram video.

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"Tomorrow, show up and show out", she said. If neither Kemp nor Abrams wins a majority - a distinct possibility with a Libertarian candidate on the ballot - there could be another month of campaigning. "Her campaign spoke about partisanship and bringing people back together", Whatley said.

Last year, Kemp settled a lawsuit with civil rights organisations over voting rights.

"I think it's outrageous", Levin said.

If elected, Abrams would be the nation's first black, female governor. She's already made history as the first black woman to be a major party gubernatorial nominee.

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Citing a potential conflict of interest, Democrats, including former President Jimmy Carter, have unsuccessfully appealed for Kemp to step aside as secretary of state until after the election.

The Democratic Party of Georgia said it was blindsided Sunday when Kemp's office announced it had "opened an investigation" into the party on Saturday evening after what it described - without evidence - as "a failed attempt to hack the state's voter registration system". As voters visited the website to find their voting locations, they were greeted with the headline, "AFTER FAILED HACKING ATTEMPT, SOS LAUNCHES INVESTIGATION INTO GEORGIA DEMOCRATIC PARTY".

Indeed, it's not as if Kemp seemed all that anxious about security when he could have reasonably done something about it.

More than 2 million Georgians have cast early ballots. The system, he said, "clearly has never been audited by any computer security professional". "I don't want anyone to vote for me because I'm black", she told supporters in Savannah on Monday. But then, over last weekend, a coalition of civil rights groups won an injunction against the use of the controversial voter regulating software, Exact Match, allowing some 3,000 naturalized usa citizens to vote in elections this week and prevented the state from throwing out some absentee ballots.

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He said this is an issue Congress has failed to resolve, and the president is "absolutely right" to address it. THE FACTS: It's nowhere close to 25 million to 30 million, nor has the number increased much in recent years.

Now that Democrat Abrams stands a good chance of pulling off an upset in a conservative stronghold state, Kemp may just want to have an excuse to contest the results should the election not tip in his favor. "You need to vote for us because we're better".