Keller @ Large: Fallout From Acosta-Trump Confrontation


Trump's "loser" comment came two days after he admonished Ryan at a White House news conference.

Reporters don't get routine access to the Prime Minister's Office, but media credentials to access Parliament Hill are managed by the National Press Gallery, not the PMO. She subsequently tweeted a manipulated video clip that showed Acosta's arm touching the intern's arm as she tried to take the microphone.

A visibly angry Trump called reporter Jim Acosta a "rude, awful person", after the CNN White House correspondent refused the president's orders to sit down and yield the microphone during the conference one day after the U.S. midterm election.

Because the White House briefing room isn't the appropriate place to deliver commentary in the form of questions.

Wednesday's performance was never about journalism, and the first clue to that is how few questions Acosta actually asks. "You've got to treat the White House and the presidency with respect".

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The White House is trying to ratchet up its fight against non-Fox News media outlets. "But I watch you a lot and you ask a lot of stupid questions".

Looking back at Acosta, who again rose up in his own defence, Trump added: "When you report fake news, which CNN does a lot, you are the enemy of the people".

Kimmel opened his segment with an brief explanation of the "spat", saying that the White House claims "Acosta accosted a female intern while she was trying to take the microphone from him".

Acosta and CNN responded by refuting the claim that he placed his hands on the staffer, using photo evidence as proof.

The president then moved to address the next questioner, NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander, who defended Acosta.

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When asked why the media is blamed for the political divide, @AprilDRyan says: "People don't understand or know what is fact and what is opinion now".

"I mean, you talk about somebody that's a loser", Trump said about Ryan. [President Trump's] personal insults are nothing new. Trump on Wednesday accused Alcindor of asking a racist question when she inquired about the president receiving support from some white nationalists.

CNN said Trump's attacks on the press have gone too far. She said that "on the campaign trail, you called yourself a nationalist. She shouldn't be", Trump said.

This week, American Urban Radio Network's White House correspondent, April Ryan, made an appearance on "The View" and spoke up about how the Trump administration regularly tries to set her up as an example to other journalists because she's a black woman.

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