A fix is incoming for the Google Pixel 3 XL buzzing sound


Google's latest Pixel 3 range didn't have the smoothest launch, as complaints began to roll in about memory crashes, overheating devices and an terrible second notch invading the screen.

Until now, nearly every smartphone was having the issue of bad quality photos taken in the night time or in low light environments. Even without Night Sight, the Pixel family of phones-like the Nexus 5X and 6P before them-already excel in low-light photography. That's all thanks to Google's HDR+ processing algorithm. Outdoors, this produces amazingly well-exposed shots with no blown out highlights. Night Sight will also appear when the phone detects that you're taking pictures in low-light conditions and a pop-up will appear right above the shutter button so you do not have to manually turn them on every time. That's equivalent to a dim room, but one in which you'd still be able to read a book.

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Since Night Sight merges multiple frames, it doesn't work well if the scene you're trying to capture contains obvious movement.

"Night Sight" is created to use machine learning to adapt to night-lighting conditions and balance the colour of the photos so that objects show their natural colour at night - whether the device is kept still or it experiences the natural hand shaking. Night Sight is using this same technology, so when you use it during the day you still get the noise reduction and resolution improvements. Google is changing that with Night Sight, a Pixel-exclusive feature that will absolutely blow your mind.

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Here are a handful of additional Night Sight comparisons. Google says your autofocus will start to fail around 0.3 lux, which is dark enough that your eyes can't resolve small objects nearby. The move is likely to annoy some users, with Battery Saver automatically enabling Night Mode on the Pixel range. The third generation Pixel smartphones have been facing number of issues that includes excessive device heating, more than one notch and audio related problems. The first-gen Pixel doesn't have optical stabilization so the results might not be as good. Night Sight personifies this perfectly as it not only adds a feature to the Pixel phones that compensates for the lack of better hardware, but it is effectively a feature that you won't find on other smartphones that do come equipped with better camera hardware.

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