Ivanka Trump Used Email Account For Gov Business


Trump has called Clinton "Crooked Hillary" for using a personal email account when she was secretary of state.

Democrats will be in control of at least 232 seats when the new House is sworn in next year, according to The New York Times' latest count. "Ms. Trump sometimes used her private account, nearly always for logistics and scheduling concerning her family". But political observers were quick to note how bad the optics are, given her father's call to lock up Hillary Clinton over her use of her family's private server.

President Trump has also repeatedly accused Mrs Clinton of getting special treatment since she was not charged for her actions. "Clearly everyone joining the Trump administration should have been on high alert about personal email use".

"Oh Ivanka", Ms. Clinton's spokesman, Nick Merrill, posted on Twitter on Monday evening. She also sent "hundreds of messages related to her official work schedule and travel details that she sent [to] herself and personal assistants who cared for her children and house"-emails that could also be subject to federal records laws".

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In 2016, her father Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of putting the USA "in danger" over her use of a private email while secretary of state. However, the Post report says that Trump's use of personal email was much more widespread than previously acknowledged. "If anybody was on notice not to use private e-mail, it was someone in the Trump White House, particularly someone named Trump". After Chaffetz retired from Congress, Rep. Trey Gowdy of SC joined with Cummings in demanding that the White House provide the identities of staff members who had used their personal emails to conduct official business.

"We launched a bipartisan investigation past year into White House officials' use of private email accounts for official business, but the White House never gave us the information we requested", said Cummings, who helped author a 2014 update to the Presidential and Federal Records Act.

Ivanka's legal team has claimed that the emails on her personal account mostly dealt with "logistics and scheduling concerning her family", and said that no emails had been deleted.

"I'm disappointed-although not entirely surprised-that this administration disregarded clear laws that they more than anyone should have been aware of", Austin Evers, director of the watchdog group American Oversight, told the Washington Post. "There was no deleting like Hillary Clinton did, there was no servers in the basement like Hillary Clinton had", he continued.

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Evers questioned whether Ms. Trump had turned over everything.

The blunder, which put Ivanka in violation of the White House records law, was first reported in September a year ago. The account was never transferred or housed at the Trump Organization.

Some former Trump White House officials on criticised Ivanka Trump over the matter.

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