India struggles to recover American killed by tribe


In this October 2018 photo, American adventurer John Allen Chau, right, stands for a photograph with Founder of Ubuntu Football Academy Casey Prince, 39, in Cape Town, South Africa, days before he left for in a remote Indian island of North Sentinel Island, where he was killed. Contact with this, and other endangered Andaman tribes, is legally forbidden because of the risk of them contracting diseases which their immune systems are not able to deal with, according to a BBC report about the incident.

John Allen Chau spent summers alone in a California cabin as a wilderness emergency responder, led backpacking expeditions in the Northwest's Cascade Mountains, nearly lost his leg to a rattlesnake bite, and coached soccer for poor children in Iraq and South Africa.

He appears to have been tolerated until his penultimate journey, when locals started losing patience.

In 2004, after a tsunami ripped through the Indian Ocean, the Sentinelese managed to survive the onslaught.

Chau paid a group of fishermen $US325 to take him near North Sentinel on November 15, and used a kayak to paddle to shore, the Associated Press reported.

But he said Mr Chau accepted the dangers that came with his adventures.

Slain American missionary John Chau poses proudly with his newborn nephew.

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"So I got a little closer as they (about six from what I could see) yelled at me, I tried to parrot their words back to them". Mr Chau's Instagram feed displays his grotesquely swollen leg and says he spent several days in a hospital. Chau had no permit, police said.

"You guys might think I'm insane in all this but I think it's worthwhile to declare Jesus to these people", he wrote in a last note to his family on November 16, shortly before he left the safety of the fishing boat to meet the tribesmen on the island.

Fear of impending death, however, was not enough to keep him away.

Entries in Mr Chau's journal, also obtained by the Daily Mail, documented his encounter with the tribe, who met him armed with bows and arrows.

Police investigating the apparent killing of an American by an isolated island tribe off the coast of India said they have surveyed the island by air and have carefully visited the area to identify where the man died.

Exactly what happened next is unclear but the fishermen have told police Mr Chau was set upon from the moment his feet touched the sand.

Police said Chau had visited the Andamans, which are scattered across the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, four times in the past three years. Chau was apparently shot and killed by arrows, but the cause of death can't be confirmed until his body is recovered, Mr. Pathak said. "The fishermen saw the tribals tying a rope around his neck and dragging his body", a source said.

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Police arrested the seven fishermen and charged them with endangering the life of the American by taking him to a prohibited area. A helicopter that was sent to retrieve the bodies was greeted by a barrage of arrows and stones.

Police in India said Wednesday he had been killed, and authorities were working with anthropologists to try to recover his body from North Sentinel, in the Andaman Islands.

In 2006, two fishermen drifted accidentally into the North Sentinel's waters - they were killed.

The Sentinelese people are highly resistant to outsiders and the government tightly restricts visits to the island.

The family described him as a "beloved son, brother and uncle" who worse many other hats including Christian missionary, wilderness emergency medical technician, soccer coach and mountaineer.

William Wilson, President of ORU missions, said: "We are not surprised that John would reach out to these isolated people to share God's love". "Due to privacy considerations, we have no further comment", the spokesperson said in the email response.

Another group in the Andaman Islands, the Jarawa people, are also hostile to outsiders, but their future is under threat from a highway which runs through their territory.

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Chau said going back to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands was on the top of his adventure to-do list, the article said. "This is not a pointless thing-the eternal lives of this tribe is at hand".