Trump rejects key conclusion of United States government climate report


However, it offered hope if changes could be made.

It says warming-charged extremes "have already become more frequent, intense, widespread or of long duration". Trump has argued that "raking" forests would mitigate wildfire risk, and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has backed up the president's assertions, claiming that poor forest management was the real risk - not climate change.

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"There's research by colleagues like Jennifer Francis at Rutgers and many others in the peer-reviewed literature [community] that suggest that jet stream patterns are becoming wavier because of changes up in the Arctic, in terms of the loss of sea ice and ice cover-up there".

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The report, written with the help of more than a dozen United States government agencies and departments, said the effects of climate change would harm human health, damage infrastructure, limit water availability, alter coastlines and increase costs in various industries.

Previous research, including from US government scientists, has also concluded that climate change could have severe economic consequences, including damage to infrastructure, water supplies and agriculture. On the same program, GOP Senator Mike Lee said that climate change would need to be combatted not with legislation, but with "innovation", once again shifting the blame onto citizens rather than government. However, several said the timing of its release, at 2 p.m. the day after Thanksgiving, appeared created to minimize its public impact.

The report estimates that, in the worst case scenario, labor-related losses by the year 2090 will be as much as 155 billion dollars due to the impact of changing weather on working conditions.

Increasing rain and humidity could cause agricultural productivity to fall in the Midwest, and warming oceans will hurt fisheries. It's happening right now in every part of the country, ' said Brenda Ekwurzel, the director of climate science at the Union of Concerned Scientists and one of the report's authors.

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"It's absolutely not too late to take action", says Brenda Ekwurzel, a co-author and senior climate scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

"People are going to die if we don't start addressing climate change ASAP", Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Friday.

The climate assessment is required by law every few years. It also finds that global warming could shrink the US economy by as much as 10 percent by the end of the century. But the report makes clear that changes today can make a big difference.

The study was slated to be released next month, but was unexpectedly released the day after Thanksgiving on Black Friday - one of the largest consumer holidays in America. However, ACE has largely been attacked by coastal states as a weaker plan since it allows individual state the latitude to write their own rules on emissions from coal- fired plants.

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A new USA government report says climate change is affecting the United States.