Fortnite Season 7 arrives with new Iceberg biome, Wraps and planes


One of the season seven, week one Battle Pass challenges tasks players with dancing on top of three peculiar objects: A crown of RVs, a metal turtle, and a submarine.

Members of the Fortnite community who are familiar with the involvement of Epic Games were quick to spot that the new buff Santa Clause skin of Sgt. See the map and detailed images of each location below. Battle Pass owners will have early access to their own Creative island for one week, then all players will receive islands on December 13, 2018.

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Fortnite Season 7 will gain an additional two weeks of being live due to the Winter holidays meaning that it'll end on February 28.

Once you've danced on top of the metal turtle, the third and final stage of this challenge will ask you to find a submarine. You'll need to head to a mountain southwest of Polar Peak. We've pinpointed the submarine location in the screenshots below. From there the camera zooms out to a room of the cartoonish, now-iconic Fortnite characters watching it all unfold on their TV, when they get shocked out of their reverie by the major addition to Fortnite's new season: Christmas. However, locating the crown of RVs is the hard part.

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The rest of the map, however, has been drastically changed with the entire southwestern section having been completely changed with the Season 7 update. The metal turtle is just north of Lonely Lodge on the east side of the map.

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