No evidence for Trump claim on 'terrorists': Government sources


Donald Trump and Democratic congressional leaders rowed at the White House on Tuesday (Dec 11) over the president's threat to stop funding the U.S. government if he doesn't get money for a Mexico border wall.

Pelosi, according to the AP, made the comments to Democratic lawmakers at the Capitol following her meeting with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and the president.

Trump said he would be "proud" to take ownership over shutting down the federal government over border security and wall funding.

Trump heckled Schumer over a previous shutdown, saying "the last time you shut it down you got killed" politically.

How did we get here?

"When I was with him the indication was he didn't want to shut the government down, but he did want his wall", Shelby said.

The two Democrats told Trump that there was no support for the wall in either the Senate or the House, but he disagreed.

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Rep. Kurt Schrader, an Oregon Democrat who's an outspoken critic of Pelosi, said term limits wouldn't be enough to tamp down his quest to see her go.

"President Trump should commit to signing" that bill, Casey said.

"When the president brags he has won North Dakota and IN, he's IN real trouble", retorted Schumer with a smile.

"If the Democrats do not give us the votes to secure our Country, the Military will build the remaining sections of the Wall".

But Democrats showed they are comfortable, as Pelosi often says, standing their ground "like a rock" - even if the day of name-calling and rancor provided a curtain raiser for the new Congress. Democrats seemed to indicate they know what they're in for and may emerge tarnished.

Mr Schumer and Ms Pelosi said on Monday that Republicans have the power to keep the government open since they control Congress and the White House.

Schumer told Trump that "we have solutions that will pass the House and the Senate", but Trump was resisting "because you can't have your way" on the wall.

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"He doesn't need [Congress] to build a wall, he never needed them", said Coulter, arguing that Trump does not need Congress in order to make good on nearly all of his 2016 campaign promises.

The president reiterated he is willing to let government funding run out if he does not get adequate money for the border wall. However, border wall funding remains the sticking point as Trump and congressional leaders try to hammer out a government spending package. "Senate Republicans are working with the president and his homeland security team on a $5.02 billion targeted funding to boost security measures in specific places where DHS determines it is most needed".

Pelosi accused Trump of making arguments that were "frankly, devoid of fact".

The president did not say when or where the "terrorists" were caught. The Kentucky Republican said "magic" sometimes happens in Congress ahead of Christmas, when lawmakers are eager to leave Washington.

The US$1.3 billion would extend current funding levels contained in the spending bill for the Homeland Security Department - which Democrats want to maintain at existing levels if no new deal can be reached. For Trump, it was an opportunity to lay his case before the American people, as the Democrats first urged Trump to negotiate privately, and then treated him to a public needling. "If we have to close down the country over border security I actually like that".

Trump has repeatedly threatened to shut down much of the government if Democrats do not back his plan. "This is about politics, pure and simple". They want Open Borders for anyone to come in. The Associated Press reported many of them have begun girding for a lengthy asylum process by seeking work in Mexico.

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