‘Fortnite’ Season 7, Week 5 Challenges Guide


"Fortnite" released the weekly challenges for Week 5 of Season 7 on Thursday.

While this location is easily accessible, it's recommended that players land there at the beginning of the match to ensure they are able to acquire the Battle Star.

We've reached the halfway point for Fortnite: Battle Royale's season seven challenges, so expect a good mix of tasks to do this time.

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The third and final stage includes the air traffic control tower in the new snow biome added by Epic Games in Season 7.

If you are a bit new to the game, here's a breakdown of the challenges - like how to complete them and what you need to do that. Drop in at Polar Peak, go ham on some structures, and then mosey on over to Wailing Woods and get to chest farming - boom, that's three challenges in one swoop.

Players will have to deal a total of 5,000 damage to opponent structures.

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The land challenge has five stages and the first one requires you to land at Polar Peak, the place where the Infinity Blade used to be. Anyone interested in reading about the "14 days of Fortnite" challenges can visit that on our running list. If you know your way around the map, you'll know that means you need to head southeast of Tomato Temple, just south of the bridge. When you land, make a beeline for the Battle Star and you should be fine, but be prepared to take a few attempts at it if the landing zone is hot. One of these towers is the air traffic control tower, and we have the location of it covered for you. Finding the former is easier as suppressed pistols are usually found as floor items or inside chests. You'll only need three kills over the course of the week, so I wouldn't worry about this one too much. Just land at either location, open 7 chests and you're done.

After this, you will have unlocked all the free challenges available in Fortnite Week 5.

Completing these challenges will give you access to the new loading screen, which also gives you a glimpse at the secret star location in Fortnite.

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