Senate Democrats Play Hardball In Government Shutdown Fight


An effort in the Senate to force President Donald Trump to impose new sanctions on Syria is getting caught up in the stalemate over the partial US government shutdown as top Democrats said they'd move to block any legislation that doesn't reopen the government.

Trump bolted after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told him that more wall funding just wasn't in the cards. They reiterated their call for Trump and Senate Republicans to reopen the government while Congress debates the "expensive and ineffective wall". President Trump is scheduled to address the nation from the Oval Office Tuesday night.

The moves amounted to an increasingly calculated and confrontational strategy from congressional Democrats as the shutdown over President Donald Trump's demands for money for a wall on the Mexican border entered its third week.

Opponents say Rubio's measure infringes on free speech. Sen.

The president doesn't appear to be close to getting a face-saving concession, however. "It's a political stunt, it always was", Connolly said.

The bill would, however, provide some $1.3 billion for "border security".

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More than 800,000 federal employees are impacted by the shutdown, including more than 420,000 employees who are on unpaid furlough, and 380,000 "essential" bureaucrats working without pay. Food stamps and housing assistance are also at risk.

Yet Schumer failed to whip fellow Democrats to opposed President Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Iran - even though he himself knew it was fatally flawed. They also fell short earlier this week when the bill first came up for a vote on Tuesday.

The Republican Jewish Coalition joined in blaming Democrats. But those funds couldn't be used for a southern border wall.

"There was a very negative reaction by the American public, and the American public today overwhelmingly believes the policy being pursued", Hoyer said.

"Our leadership and all of us are having to spend hours dealing with phone calls from constituents and on issues around the shutdown", said Democratic Representative Pramila Jayapal, who sits on the House Judiciary Committee.

"It's not just about opposing Trump", Leah Greenberg, a co-director of the progressive grassroots group Indivisible, said at Wednesday's press conference.

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"Schumer has notified the Democratic caucus that he will vote against proceeding to S.1 because Senate Republicans should instead bring to the floor the House-passed bills to reopen the government", a senior Democratic aide told the Washington Examiner.

"I expected these actions to be a big bipartisan vote, not a partisan showdown", he said.

Despite the dissent, most Republicans continued to back the president.

Senate Republicans, of course, don't want to be forced to vote to keep the federal government closed, and would prefer simply to hide behind Trump.

After speaking yesterday with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig, House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) said the administration's plans "are no substitute for funding the government and fully reopening these agencies".

"While we do not support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement, we remain resolved to our constitutional oath to defend the right of every American to express their views peacefully without fear of actual punishment by the government", they wrote in the letter.

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