Pound recovers losses after crunch Brexit vote


Theresa May is facing for a potentially crushing defeat for her Brexit deal in the House of Commons as last ditch appeals for support appear to have failed.

The total number of seats in the House is 650.

These will be voted on if the above two amendments fail.

A spokesman for European Council president Donald Tusk said that the vote had increased the risk of disorderly exit, and that while the EU did not want that to happen, it would be prepared for it.

How will the parties vote?

She offered cross-party talks with MPs across the House to determine a way forward.

Mrs May will use a speech in the leave-supporting city of Stoke-on-Trent to say that lawmakers blocking Brexit is now a more likely outcome than leaving without a deal.

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"I can assure my constituents that I will not be supporting her deal as I do not feel it will protect jobs, workplace rights or environmental standards".

Calls for another vote have ramped up over the last few months. The Labour Party says it will call a no-confidence vote in the government if the deal is defeated in an attempt to trigger a general election.

Polling suggests that a large majority of Labour members want Mr Corbyn to actively back a so-called People's Vote - but this would prompt a backlash from his pro-Brexit voters in the party's Northern heartlands.

Similarly, DUP leader Arlene Foster said in a statement: "Mrs May will now be able to demonstrate to the Brussels' negotiators that changes are required if any deal is to command the support of Parliament".

"There are no more words to describe the frustration, impatience, and growing anger amongst business after two and a half years on a high-stakes political rollercoaster ride that shows no sign of stopping", said Adam Marshall, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce. The SNP has 35 MPs.

Another possibility is that parliament could force a second referendum, or - least likely of all - scrap Brexit altogether. It holds 11 seats.

Many Tories abstained from the vote, giving No.10 a crumb of comfort that because they didn't vote against they could be won back by a second vote on a better deal.

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In the event of a general election, Mr Corbyn has previously said that the agreed date for the UK's withdrawal from the European Union - 29 March 2019 - may have to be delayed in order for the election, then for subsequent renegotiation if the result went in his favour.

The border at the moment is invisible, and people, goods and services can travel through it freely.

This a priori endorsement of whatever manoeuvres Corbyn will conduct with the EU, should he come to office, is proof that the pseudo-left groups, pro-or-anti-Brexit, are all appendages of rival factions of the Labour and trade union bureaucracy and of Britain's ruling elite.

November 25, 2018 - A 599-page draft Withdrawal Agreement is published after unanimous approval by the European Union, but the terms of the backstop to prevent a hard border in Ireland spark anger among Brexiteers and the DUP.

The issue of British guarantees to keep an open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland after Brexit becomes a key sticking point in negotiations. The letter clarifies the EU's position on the Irish backstop, saying it would only ever be temporary and that there can be no renegotiation.

May has continuously said they would not give in to any solution that would divide the UK.

What is being fought out in Westminster is a conflict over which is the best means of advancing the interests of British imperialism under conditions of a ferocious trade war for control of global markets: within the European trade bloc, or as a junior partner of the US-hopefully without losing access to the Single European Market that accounts for 40 percent of United Kingdom exports.

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