Deep Blue: Divers encounter one of the largest great white sharks


That's a 20 footer! "Love this big handsome girl", one netizen wrote when Deep Blue was spotted in Mexico back in 2015.

Gracefully appearing from the deep - and dwarfing nearby divers - the shark affectionately named "Deep Blue" is one of the largest great whites ever documented.

The shark was first spotted by local freediver Kimberly Jeffries on January 13.

"The message I really hope to get across with these lovely images and video [is] to show that they aren't the mindless man-eaters that they are so often portrayed as in media, like the movie 'Jaws, '" Ramsey said.

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Ramsey (below) was criticised on social media for touching Deep Blue, but she claims that sharks sometimes "seek touch".

She went on to explain how she wished more people would understand that sharks shouldn't be harmed. But generally they're wild animals and apex predators and we want to give them the space they deserve. While some were absolutely shocked and scared that someone would voluntarily get so close to the shark, the majority praised the diver for the work she does in protecting the species.

Deep Blue disappeared after a day according to Mohler, but her companions put on a show for photographers and divers the following day.

A team of researchers working with diving company One Ocean Diving recently came upon on rare sighting of Deep Blue, a massive great white shark believed to be the largest of its kind on record. But the image of any human floating freely next to a Great White - scratch that, possibly the largest Great White ever recorded - will never be anything short of unbelievable.

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He also said it's impressive that the great white survived gill nets and other dangers he called a "gauntlet of human death traps".

Ramsey touched the shark as it swam by and, while noting that some divers frown upon this, added that "sometimes sharks seek touch".

"They've been coming here forever". So they did exactly what you'd expect them to do.

Michael Domeier, founding director of the Marine Conservation Science Institute, told the Washington Post he was unsettled by her "alarming" behaviour. "Deep Blue has never been measured, so how could anyone make that statement?" he questioned. But nobody really knows her length.

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It is estimated she could be up to 50 years old. "Unfortunately the only way to accurately age a white shark is to kill it and look at the rings on the vertebrae, but no mystery is worth solving at that price!"