Labour must not rule out second EU referendum, says Starmer


"Stage two would be a consultation in each United Kingdom region and nation, sponsored by Parliament's select committees if not by the government, to review the issues revealed by Brexit including those relating to immigration and sovereignty".

Outside, rival protesters sounded off and squared off, with some aiming angry shouts of "traitor" at their opponents.

"Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party threatens to dismantle that".

She is to publish an updated plan of action on European Union withdrawal to Parliament on Monday, 21 January, with a full debate and the key vote on it scheduled for Tuesday, 29 January.

He said the United Kingdom must use the Brexit process "to bring our nation together" and enact reforms that can prevent increased taxes and improve the country's services.

Mr Corbyn said his preferred option remained a general election "to break the deadlock and find a solution that works for the whole country".

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa said 80% of British tourists arrive at airports in Faro, the Algarve and Funchal in the Madeira Islands, where dedicated lines for them will help prevent delays. "There was none of this messy compromise stuff".

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An overwhelming majority of Labour constituencies voted to leave the European Union - around 70%. Alternatively, May could call an election as the only way to get a mandate for her deal.

In a further complication, Brexit has split the main political parties, Conservatives and Labour, right down the middle.

He drew the loudest cheer, however, when he said Labour stood by the commitment made at the party conference past year in Liverpool that if it was unable to force a general election all options must remain on the table - including another referendum.

Watching this epic political spectacle lurching forward each day, Britons are bored, bemused, angry and afraid — sometimes all at the same time.

Romanian leaders have sought to reassure the estimated half a million Romanians living in Britain that they will not be left in the lurch - but have not provided specifics.

"Brexit or a penalty shootout?"

The signatories said that they "respect the choice" of British people who want to leave the European Union and, if the country wants to leave for good, "it will always have friends in Germany and Europe".

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All week, pro-Brexit and pro-EU demonstrators gathered outside Parliament in London to trade chants, arguments — and, in a small number of cases, abuse.

"It is not within the government's power to rule out no deal", she wrote.

The decrees will temporarily let British companies transport goods in France, and allow certain British insurance and other financial activities to continue in France despite Britain's loss of access to the European Union financial market.

He said the Prime Minister's Withdrawal Agreement was the only option on the table that "truly enacts the promises that I made to my constituents and avoids the horror of a no-deal Brexit".

"It's going to happen — because if it doesn't, it'll be the end of democracy", he said. "We've had two wasted years". Instead the factional warfare that May sought to manage in her own party in the hope of securing at least a "soft Brexit"-maintaining tariff-free access to Europe's markets-has erupted with renewed force".

It comes as Downing Street says that the PM has spoken to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, about the ongoing Brexit crisis. "MPs know they have a duty to act in the national interest, reach a consensus and get this done".

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