Women’s March Leader Refuses to Acknowledge Israel’s Right to Exist


The New Hampshire Woman's March was held outside the Statehouse in Concord, where organizers say the message is "We've Only Just Begun" in terms of advancing and protecting women's rights.

"In regard to issues concerning antisemitism, Women's March San Diego does not condone language or actions from any person or group that target, disparage, denigrate, threaten, or harm another person or group", the Women's March San Diego Executive Board said in a statement, noting that the San Diego chapter is separate from the main organization.

The marches also have been criticized as being not welcoming to conservative women, who may support Trump's presidency and oppose abortion rights. The weather has never been flawless.

Megan Owens traveled all the way from downstate Quincy on the train Friday night to take part in the rally. "So we will work through this as a women's movement because we are focused on what the real threat to this country is, and it is this administration and white supremacy".

Wednesday Krus, 29, said the split meant that half of the people in her graphic design studio wound up going to the march while she and the other half went downtown.

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One sign declared, "Strong women only fear weak men".

"I want to stand up for women", said Sarah Lofgren, 38, of west suburban Riverside.

Right-wing activist Laura Loomer broke onto the stage during Women's March in NY, accusing the event of anti-Semitism.

Two previous January events drew hundreds of thousands of people to Grant Park. Linda Sarsour, another Women's March leader, spoke at a rally headlined by Farrakhan in 2015.

Sarsour pushed back, saying in a statement: "The Women's March exists to fight bigotry and discrimination in all their forms - including homophobia and anti-Semitism".

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Fewer than 1,200 marched in Chicago, that city's Tribune reported.

The latest anti-Semitic remarks from Sarsour come on the heels of Mallory refusing to denounce noted anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan during a recent interview when she was asked why she called him the "greatest of all time". Mallory also had praised Farrakhan on social media.

Organizers had originally planned to gather Saturday on the National Mall, but with the forecast predicting snow and freezing rain Saturday and the National Park Service no longer plowing the snow, the march's location and route was altered this week to start at Freedom Plaza and march down Pennsylvania Avenue past the Trump International Hotel.

At the same time, the Women's Agenda included a reference to Jewish women, who were not mentioned in the group's original Unity Principles, although they have since been added. Organizers there said they aim "to demand equal justice for black women, immigrant women, women of color, and gender nonconforming people". The controversy picked up after Mallory attended a Farrakhan speech last February.

Tens of thousands showed for the Washington event, paired with solidarity marches across the country.

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