Trump Discussed Russia Tower Deal Into Late 2016, Giuliani Says


Rudy Giuliani vehemently denied that US President Donald Trump asked his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, speaking during a fiery CNN interview in which he also said BuzzFeed News should be sued for reporting such allegations at the weekend. The media widely reported BuzzFeed's "bombshell" Friday before Mueller disputed it, and media figures expressed frustration that the story hadn't been a successful blow against Trump. We're going to get inside the room where it happened and bare it out.

"He certainly had no discussions with him in which he told him or counseled him to lie, " Giuliani said.

"Categorically, I can tell you his counsel to Michael Cohen throughout that entire period was, 'Tell the truth, ' " Giuliani said.

The comments come as the White House is denying a BuzzFeed story published on January 17 that said Trump had instructed Cohen to lie about the timing of the proposed Russian Federation deal.

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Giuliani said on Sunday Cohen had a clearer oversight of the Russian Federation project than Trump, and that Trump had been too busy with his campaign to pay close attention. "If he had any discussions with him, they'd be about the version of events that Michael Cohen gave them, which they all believed was true".

Trump himself waded into the controversy on Saturday, telling reporters the story "was a disgrace to our country" and "a disgrace to journalism".

"Through November 2016? Through November, right?"

Giuliani said Trump had fully answered questions about the Trump Tower project put to him by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He also acknowledged in a separate interview with NBC News that conversations about that project stretched throughout 2016, including possibly up until October or November of that year.

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After yet another day of jaw-dropping statements showcased on national television by Rudy Giuliani, a merciless MSNBC panel roasted President Donald Trump's lawyer as the worst the legal profession has to offer. "I expect him to say in two weeks that Trump is guilty of everything".

Giuliani portrayed Trump's role in the Moscow negotiations as that of a passive participant who was too busy running for president to pay much attention to it.

Sunday was not the first time Giuliani indicated the discussions about the Moscow project extended past January 2016.

Giuliani's statement that discussions for the Moscow project continued through November 2016 is Version 4. To repeat: Trump was running for president and proposing to change US policy in ways favorable to Russia while simultaneously seeking the Russian government's help to arrange a business deal that could have made him hundreds of millions of dollars.

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What remains unclear from the BuzzFeed report is what documents were viewed for the report and when Cohen allegedly spoke with Trump about his testimony.