Boris Johnson tells May - Ditch the Irish backstop and get support


It's far from certain the amendment will win support from a majority in the House of Commons when it comes to a vote later Wednesday.

"I also accept that this House does not want the deal I put before it, in the form that it now exists".

"I think we should send the Prime Minister back to Brussels with a strong mandate to be able to say "If you compromise with us on this one issue, on the backstop, we would be able to a get an agreement - an agreement that is nearly there", he said.

Mrs May admitted Parliament had made clear what they did not want when they rejected her Withdrawal Agreement by a 230-vote margin earlier this month, but now it was time for them to tell Brussels what they do want.

A second amendment tabled by the Scottish National Party, which called on the Government to rule out no-deal and extend the two-year Article 50 negotiation process, was defeated by 327 votes to 39, as Labour abstained.

The shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, said Labour wanted ideally to reduce the extension period to "something around" three months because the party was anxious "not to be seen in any way to be kicking the can down the road".

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Labour said it was supporting the amendment because the bill it would create could "give MPs a temporary window to agree a deal that can bring the country together".

Boris Johnson, the former United Kingdom foreign secretary, writes Monday in the Daily Telegraph that it would be "unadulterated good Brexit news" if May negotiated an expiration date for the Irish border backstop plan. That the European Union is now preparing for this eventuality comes just months after it was revealed the British government had already put aside hundreds of thousands of pounds to pay for the 2019 elections that legally weren't even meant to happen. This measure is called the backstop.

"The House of Commons will have to vote again mid-February on Plan C. And it will have to be Plan A all over again but with even more pressure of no-deal Brexit looming".

The European Union has a message for Prime Minister Theresa May as she plots a path out of the Brexit impasse: Britain needs to decide what it really wants but the negotiated divorce deal will not be reopened.

"But what we need is to achieve something legally binding". We need to go back into the text of the treaty and solve the problem.

On a rare good night for the United Kingdom prime minister, members of Parliament backed her proposal to strip out the most hard part of the divorce package and re-open talks with the European Union.

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MPs also voted against Grieve Amendment, which would have allowed six days of Commons time for backbenchers to discuss, amend and vote on Brexit.

Conservative MPs have been instructed by the government to vote for Sir Graham's amendment, which could pave the way for a plan known as the "Malthouse Compromise".

Lawmakers have proposed more than 10 different amendments to be debated on Tuesday, but only a small number likely will be chosen to be voted on, starting at approximately 2 p.m. ET.

Lawmakers voted 321 to 298 against amendment B, put forward by Labour lawmaker Yvette Cooper.

Opposition to the backstop by pro-Brexit lawmakers - who fear it will trap Britain in regulatory lockstep with the European Union - helped sink May's deal on January 15, when Parliament rejected it in a 432 to 202 vote.

"The delay and the drift and the chasing of unicorns means that we could end up with no-deal by accident", she said.

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"While we have been working closely with our suppliers on contingency plans it is not possible to mitigate all the risks to our supply chains and we fear significant disruption in the short term as a result if there is no Brexit deal".