Mario Kart Tour for Mobile Has Been Delayed by Nintendo Till Summer


A streamlined Switch would be cheaper to produce, especially one that doesn't include the current system's dock, allowing Nintendo to deliver a more appealing price point at the checkout.

Operating profit for October-December was 158.6 billion yen ($1.46 billion), the highest in nine years and the second consecutive third-quarter rise.

In its recent financial results briefing, Nintendo revealed that the Nintendo Switch Online service has more than eight million subscribed accounts. "Investors realized that the Switch audience was fairly limited", Cole said.

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While Nintendo lowered its sales estimates for the Switch, the company reported a profit jump of roughly 25 percent this quarter compared to the same quarter past year.

Anyway, so its not just Mario Kart Tour coming to mobile after all.

"The development of animated film based on Super Mario Bros. with Illumination is moving along for an anticipated theatrical release around 2022", said Furukawa (via IGN). Ultimate" and "Pokemon: "Let's Go" have shifted over 10 million copies each.

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Nintendo pushed back the release of Mario Kart Tour to summer in Japan from March, an unexpected delay. "Mamma Mia!" after learning the latest title won't be released on time. Battling head to head and racing to clear all of the viruses is the best part of the game.

Hot off the news that Nintendo has moved over 33 million Switch units worldwide, a rumor has sprung up claiming that the company is working on a smaller version of the hybrid console.

The press release indicates that Japan and the United States will be amongst the regions at launch, so it's likely that the game will have a staggered release.

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