Apple restores functionality to Google’s apps after a brief block


Google's internal apps are still broken.

Some firms also distribute test or beta versions of apps the firm is working on such as, in Google's case, Maps, Hangouts and Gmail.

Considering how important testing apps is to both Facebook and now Google, it's likely the companies are rushing to fix their strained relationship with Apple - not to mention access to their iOS testing systems.

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Facebook and Google products are among the most popular in the App Store, driving downloads and service fees for Apple's burgeoning Services revenue segment.

Suspending the licenses stopped app development inside both companies and disrupted basic corporate functions until Apple once again granted access Thursday night. Recently, several instances have been reported about companies using Apple's enterprise program to distribute more and more apps to consumers. iOS developer Alex Fajkowski has discovered that Amazon, DoorDash and Sonos have handed out beta versions of their app to non-employees.

Apple adheres clearly to its rules and applies them equally to Facebook, Google and, probably, to many other companies that violate Apple's rules in the future.

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This time, however, it sounds like Apple didn't need its bouncers to show Google to the door.

Google's "Screenwise Meter" ignored this and would gather data on websites visited, IP addresses and cookies beyond Google's own employees. And they were also called out for using a Virtual Private Network - or VPN program - to track their users online. Just like Facebook, the app relied on Apple's enterprise program that allows distribution of internal apps within the company.

But it wasn't specifically the user data collection that sparked Apple's ire. "We designed our Enterprise Developer Program exclusively for the internal distribution of apps within an organization". Apple is bringing war against the social media giant, Facebook. A bunch of iPhone and iPad users who have yet to upgrade to iOS 12 report that they are unable to connect to the App Store, Apple Music, and a variety of other Apple services.

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"There was nothing "secret" about this; it was literally called the Facebook Research App", Arielle Argyres, a Facebook spokeswoman, said in a statement. Apple needs to seek out and crack down on such violations. Sure, we're biased, but Facebook launched its Facebook Research app in 2016, and it was only thanks to TechCrunch's reporting 3 years later that Apple noticed how Facebook was violating its Enterprise Developer Program contract. She added that the Facebook research app at issue hadn't been a secret and had been operated only with its users' consent.