After 2 years of rancour, Trump to call for unity in address


The White House announced Monday that Joshua Trump, a sixth-grader from DE who has been bullied at school because of his last name, will be among the presidential guests for the State of the Union address. So the reality TV fake-out is all Trump has left.

The address is also being used as a fundraising tool for the President's re-election campaign, soliciting input from supporters.

How much Republicans are anxious about the national debt usually depends on who is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: if it's a GOP president such as Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush or Donald Trump, they lack the deficit hawk mentality they expressed repeatedly when Barack Obama was president.

The President took to Twitter to condemn Mr Schumer's remarks on the speech penciled in for around 2am GMT tomorrow in which he said the Trump administration is "failing America".

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Donald Trump delivering his State of the Union address in 2018.

Conway - and the rest of the politically interested world - will be watching the speaker throughout what aides say will be a slightly shorter address than the previous two Trump has delivered in the House chamber. Trump finally made a deal late last month to end the longest shutdown in USA history so 800,000 furloughed federal workers could get paid again. Although exaggerated fears of immigrant criminality have been a key feature of Trump's politics since the beginning of his presidential campaign, in the aftermath of last year's midterm election, the president has become obsessed with the need for a wall, tweeting and talking about it extensively, and, of course, shutting down the government in a failed effort to force congressional leaders to provide funding. "He'll tell people, 'Here's why I should, ' but say, 'I'm giving Congress another chance to act'".

Her presence will be a reminder to the President and to the country of Democrats' new position of power in Washington, which they are beginning to exercise this week with a series of new hearings and investigations into the Trump administration. Numerous newly elected lawmakers are determined to impeach Trump and hold firm against the sort of border wall spending, a symbolic red line for many in the party.

Unlike Gallup's broad samples, which draw from all American adults, Rasmussen surveyers accept responses only from self-described "likely voters.' It's the only 'likely voter" national poll on Trump to be published since mid-November. He pushed his party into a lengthy government shutdown over border security, only to cave to Democrats.

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With the new February 15 funding deadline looming, Mr Trump is expected to use his address to outline his demands, which still include funding for a wall along the US-Mexico border.

Trump has said in recent days that negotiations are a "waste of time" because Democrats don't support wall funding, and he said in an interview that aired Sunday on CBS that another government shutdown or declaring a national emergency remain viable options.

Going into Tuesday's State of the Union speech, it's hard to know what to make of Donald Trump's unsubtle hints that he may use his big annual address to Congress to declare a national emergency so he can circumvent legislative approval and start building his border wall.

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