It’s Happening: Elizabeth Warren Is Officially Running for President


The words "fight" or "fighting" appeared 28 times in her speech in Lawrence. She'll spend Sunday in Iowa, where the nation's leadoff caucuses will be the first test of the Democratic field's mettle.

The Massachusetts senator revealed on New Years Eve that she was forming an exploratory committee to test the waters for her likely presidential run.

She planned a late morning announcement at a mill site in Lawrence where largely immigrant factory workers went on strike about 100 years ago, providing the longtime consumer advocate a forum to advance her platform.

But even some of those who attended the kickoff had concerns about the strength of her candidacy, given the identity issue and President Trump's aggressive campaign style.

But it is the story of Warren's family that also had the 2020 candidate facing fresh questions about her credibility this week.

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The Democrats are in the beginning stages of selecting a contender to take on Donald Trump, who launched his 2020 campaign shortly after his inauguration.

And some Democrats in early voting states have seemed unfazed.

Ms Warren enters the race as one of the party's most recognizable figures. After first winning election to the U.S. senate in 2012, Warren became one of the body's most outspoken critics of outlaw financial practices and white-collar impunity.

"If they are going to toss her out of the ring over that, then they aren't looking deep enough", said Sheri Clark Nadell, 58, a high school teacher.

Callahan, who noted that he's looking at other progressive candidates, said he'd like to see White House hopefuls make gun control, student loans, income inequality and LGBTQ issues top priorities in 2020. You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for.

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The outdoor rally - on the steps of a former cotton mill and the site of a historic labor strike led by women and immigrants - was meant to position Warren as the leader of a renewed crusade against what she called the "corrupt" influence of large companies and powerful politicians.

While they were married, she began her law studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey, earning her law degree in 1976. McConnell's complaint about Warren - "Nevertheless, she persisted" - has become a rallying cry for activists.

But so far, Warren has not offered a unique argument as to why she can best beat Trump.

There were some in Ms Warren's campaign kick-off crowd who expressed concern that her struggles to explain her past claims of Native American heritage could make her vulnerable to attack.

She has been forced to apologise for claiming on several occasions in her early political career that she was of Native American descent.

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Warren, whose parents growing up in Oklahoma were a department store salesman and a homemaker, was a registered Republican for most of the 1990s. The decision to run marks a significant departure for Warren, who less than two years ago told her constituents in MA that she doesn't want to become president.