Seven MPs resign from UK Labour Party


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he was disappointed in their decision to leave the party. A former social worker for decades, she can not be described as a careerist or member of the special adviser cadre that gave Blairism a bad name. The instructions therein are very clear: "Step One: Call for by-elections".

Seven British lawmakers say they are quitting the main opposition Labour Party over its approach to issues including Brexit and anti-Semitism.

When asked by reporters whether he is expecting resignations, or if his party is in trouble, Mr Corbyn replied: "Good morning, how nice it is to see you all here".

Speculation is mounting that a small group of Labour MPs will today announce they are quitting the party over its stance on Brexit and anti-Semitism.

"Choosing to stand by while our constituents' lives and future opportunities are hurt by Brexit is a fundamental violation of Labour's traditional values".

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Mr Cortes, whose union backs a second referendum, added: "We must get behind Jeremy who is leading the fight against no-deal".

The BBC's coverage of the press conference where seven MPs announced they were leaving the Labour Party accidentally included audio of disparaging comments by an audience member. "They were giant figures, everyone in Britain knew who they were", Livingstone said of the four senior party figures who left.

On social media some of the reaction has been significantly more hostile, including from the Young Labour Twitter account who implied that the seven MPs were "cowards and traitors".

Meanwhile, Labour Students - an organisation that remains under the control of anti-Corbyn activists - also came under fire, but for expressing the opposite view.

Mr Khan said: "History tells us that when the Labour Party splits, it leads to the Conservative Party winning the next election and the one after that and the one after that".

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If the minister rejects the medical reasons, the decision may be reviewed by a medical panel, which can recommend it goes ahead. Labor secured the support of most of the crossbench to win the Lower House vote 75 to 74 on the first sitting day for 2019.

Livingstone also disagreed with the claim that Labour is on the wrong side of history on global issues: "The simple fact is that [there is] a ramping up of a new cold war, with Trump denouncing Iran Nicaragua and Venezuela and so on, and we don't want to get caught up in America's military escapades and all of that".

A former chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, he also said that a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn would "threaten our national security and worldwide alliances".

Former Labour MP Angela Smith said that while she comes from a working-class background, she believes that people do not want to be "patronised by left-wing intellectuals" that believe being poor "constitutes a state of grace".

Gavin Shuker has represented Luton South since 2010. During the 2017 general election he secured the seat with a majority of 13,925.

He also now sits on the women and equalities select committee. He said that there was "no need to split". Smith later called them a "a cabal of hard left members" and accused the CLP of "internal political posturing". Previous year the Corbyn critic lost a no-confidence vote put forward by his local constituency party.

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