Trump to say Venezuela's move to democracy is 'irreversible'


"The narcoterrorist tyranny of Nicolas Maduro continues to block critical humanitarian relief for those who continue to suffer under his regime", the Florida Republican said, adding that the USA stands by the Venezuelan people in their fight for "democracy and freedom".

"We are being expelled from Venezuela. They have not informed us of the reason for the expulsion", Mr Pons said.

Guaido was nearly immediately recognised by the United States and its allies after he proclaimed himself Venezuela's interim president on 23 January, with Trump then telling CBS that the U.S. military intervention in Venezuela remains "an option".

Mr Guaido has the backing of more than 50 countries including 30 in Europe.

The other European Union lawmakers expelled alongside Gonzalez included Jose Ignacio Salafranca and Gabriel Mato Adrover of Spain, Esther de Lange of the Netherlands and Paulo Rangel of Portugal. All are members of the conservative European People's Party (PPE).

Writing on Twitter, Guaido slammed the decision to block the European Union lawmakers and said the group was "deported by an isolated and increasingly irrational regime".

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Venezuela's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza delivers a speech, February 4, 2019.

Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart arrived in Colombia on Sunday to visit the Venezuelan border to make sure humanitarian aid gets to people fleeing economic and political unrest in the crisis-worn country.

Traditional aid groups have shunned the effort as a political ploy, but Guaido is counting on the US -backed initiative to persuade his country's military to recognize him, and to create an opening for desperately needed relief.

He did not explicitly say the food would be distributed in Cucuta.

Additional storage centers are supposed to open this week in Brazil and Curacao, a Dutch island off Venezuela's northern Caribbean coast. Trump has officially recognized him as Venezuela's leader, but Maduro still controls the military and is using it to cling to power. He has announced that humanitarian aid will enter Venezuela on Saturday, the day after Branson's concert.

Patients arrive with respiratory, skin or other ailments, and suffering from malnutrition.

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Andrea Hernandez, a physical therapy student whose mother is a pediatric nurse, is among those offering her help.

Maduro calls the aid a "US orchestrated show" and denies any crisis in Venezuela.

Trump supporters with a sign reading 'Pres.

"And we're hoping that sense prevails and that the military allows the bridge to be open so that much-needed supplies can be sent across".

Speaking in Spanish, Rubio warned that blocking the entry of US food would amount to a "crime against humanity" and those responsible would spend "the rest of their lives hiding from justice".

Saturday's 180-ton shipment includes food or health packages for more than 25,000 people.

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Maduro is now refusing to allow in the food, medicine and other supplies.