WHO Philippines: Measles Outbreak, Situation Report 2, 20 February 2019 - Philippines


Measles causes fever, rash, cold-like symptoms and red, inflamed eyes that can be sensitive to light. If enough people get sick, it can lead to an outbreak.

VANCOUVER-No new cases of the measles have been reported in Vancouver since February 15, and health officials say the transmission of the disease was mostly limited to a small network at two public schools.

Measles is a highly contagious virus that spreads through the air and can linger for up to two hours in an enclosed area. The MMR vaccine has been used for many years and is very safe.

Madagascar's epidemic is a warning of what could happen elsewhere, even in the rich world, if measles vaccinations rates do not rise. The rash usually starts four days after the other symptoms.

Canada's Public Health Agency issued a statement this week reminding Canadians to ensure they are fully vaccinated against measles, especially if they are travelling outside the country.

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Dix says there are some people who are expressing opposition to immunization, while others can't be immunized for medical reasons and some simply fall through the cracks. The World Health Organization says there were 110,000 deaths from measles globally in 2017, a lot of them children under age five.

The number of people with measles in Clark County continues to climb.

The conversation about vaccination and the anti-vaccination movement is now at the forefront of BC health-related news because of the measles outbreak in Vancouver.

While the majority of children in Donegal still receive the MMR vaccine, the numbers have been dropping slightly over the past few years. A comprehensively discredited study by a doctor who was struck off the medical register for serious professional misconduct over how he carried out the study, is the likely source of the thoroughly debunked myth that vaccines cause autism.

The hospital treating his sons has confirmed measles in his younger son, whilst Bilodeau's other children are awaiting the results of their blood tests.

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If you think you have contracted measles, be sure to alert your doctor before you go for a checkup, so they can quickly get to you. Most people born before 1970 are immune to measles because of past exposure to the disease.

It is recommended that babies get vaccinated against the disease when they are 12 months old.

Dr. Amanda Cohn, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pediatrician, has three daughters at The Epstein School and Riverwood High School.

If you have been paying attention to health news in the first part of 2019, then you are probably aware of the recent uptick in measles cases across the Pacific Northwest portion of the United States, particularly the state of Washington. There is also a single case reported in King County, bringing the statewide total to 64, according to the state Department of Health (DOH).

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