Fortnite Respawn Van Leak Teases At Further Borrowing From Apex Legends


In its first week it racked up 25 million total players, with two million concurrent players signing on in its first day to test out the game's eight different combatants. ' It turns out it was the Apex Legends map, and not a single one of you noticed. But it's probably safe to say that not many people expected Apex Legends to land as hard as it did.

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Respawn isn't common in battle royale games but it has really become popular in Apex Legends, which has received lots of praise for making big additions to the genre. But unbeknownst to most, Respawn's hit battle royale map was leaked past year and practically no one noticed.

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These vans have a holographic image of a person on top of them and, in the files, are called Second Chance Van.

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As many have predicted, though, it doesn't look like the pinging system is the only thing that Fortnite is borrowing from Apex Legends. Reddit user hiticonic did though. That's all well and good because the ping system in Apex Legends is an awesome way to communicate needs, enemy presence, directions, and more to teammates in just the press of a button and every competitive team game ought to have something so intuitive. Yes, that means a Fortnite respawn mechanic might be introduced soon! If players can't just jump straight back into the game as their former dead characters, Apex could allow for squads to recover their teammates' banners-that way, disconnected players and their teams still have a chance, but they don't necessarily get an unfair advantage over squads with solid connections. That's just the truth, whether it looks like copying or not. Wish it borrowed other ideas from Apex Legends? The games creative blend of combat and building mixed with its cartoonish visuals have always been an addictingly charming factor to its success.